Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Shanta Newby!

Shanta Newby from MS is one of our newest Hive Members and has filled out her questionnaire so we can get to know her better. Learn about Shanta below!

I am married, live in Columbus,Mmississippi, and my birthdate is 8/4/1979. I have 3 boys Ricky Jr., Isaiah, Quanterris, and my husband's name is Ricky. Some of the reasons why I joined UB are:

I like the commission structure, not having to pay the hostess benefits, as well as having a consumable product that is not hard to sell.

I really don't have a great support team, my own support is my personal drive and my relationship with christ. I have found that strangers sometimes give the best encouragement I can find.

The people I introduce this product to are excited about creating their own scent. My personality test said that I like mostly floral scents and yes I do agree, I was so surprised that test was so accurate.

As far as where I see myself with the company, right now I am in between, but I can see myself having a real income sharing this product.

What trait will help you do well in the business? I am so open I can get anyone to talk and down to earth, no one is a stranger to me I know to make people feel relaxed in my presence.