Friday, June 27, 2008

Did you brush your teeth today?

toothbrush sex
Probably the answer to that question is “yes”…of course you did. You probably did it without even thinking about it. Brushing your teeth is one of those lifelong habits that you just “do”. Would you agree?

This month's issue of Weight Watcher's magazine had an interesting perspective on exercise. Ideally, exercising should be something you just “do” like brushing your teeth. It needs to be something that we do not question and is a non-negotiable. Nevertheless, in order to make that happen it must be consciously scheduled into our lives. If you work another job in addition to your party plan business, that might mean walking during your lunch hour. If you have small children at home, you may have to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. Here is the good news.

Studies show that no single type of exercise works best. One study found that women who participated in aerobics classes had the same weight-loss and fitness results as women who simply increased time and effort spent doing everyday chores.

Staying healthy through physical fitness is an important component to staying balanced for life. We work to keep our family/business relationship balanced as we build our home-based businesses. However, it is just as important to factor in personal health and spiritual well-being.
Summer is an excellent time to begin new habits that will become the building blocks to a more well rounded “you”.

Why not start today by mentally associating brushing your teeth with exercising? If life throws you a curve ball and you cannot “formally” work out, just go about your day with more enthusiasm. Put some jazzy music on the CD; you will be surprised at how much fun and energy it can put into those otherwise “ho-hum” activities like vacuuming, making the beds, or phone work!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Empathize DON'T argue - you will never win!

Do you ever find yourself so passionate about your product or your opportunity that you get into a disagreement with your prospect? In our business, arguing with a customer or a prospective customer will not get you far - even if you are right you will always lose.


“I'm too busy…”

“I don't know enough people.”

“I don't want to be a pushy salesperson.”

“There are too many people already doing this.”

“I don't have the money to get started.”

These are the `standards' in our industry as objections go. And as tempting as it is to tell our prospect all the things we know:

WE know that you can host a successful party without having to know tons of people to invite.

WE know that you can make good money in this business and you can work it around your family's schedule.

WE know there's plenty of business out there.

WE know that the market is not saturated.

WE know that busy people usually make the best hostesses or consultants.

Try empathy instead. Allow your prospect the space she needs to vent her concerns. Then, instead of showing her why she is wrong - use the Feel, Felt, Found method to address her objections. For example:

“I don't know enough people…” “I know how you FEEL. I FELT like I didn't know nearly enough people to book more than one or two parties when I began this business. But when I really started thinking about who I knew, I FOUND that there were people out there - some who I didn't even consider to be really close friends, who were willing to help me get started by hosting a party. And from those parties everything just snowballed and I've never had a shortage of customers since then.”

You get the idea.

If you find that there is one objection that you get on a more frequent basis - handle it before it comes up as a part of your party or recruiting presentation.

For example - if people are always telling you they are too busy (to host a party or to join the company) - as a part of your presentation you might want to story-tell on this topic. Many of my friends couldn't figure out how I would be able to run this business with three active children, a part time job, and all the running around that I do each week. The thing is, I find that this business allows me to set my schedule taking my family's needs into account first - and that working just 10-15 hours a week helps me to make our family's car payment each month. My business is growing so fast that soon I will be able to quit my part time job!

And what about the dreaded, “I'll have to think about it”?

Know that there are some personality types that truly DO have to think about something before they are able to make a decision. You must respect that and schedule a time for follow up within 24-48 hours. However, before setting that date - be sure that any concerns or objections that they may have are out in the open. You can say something like - “That is not a problem - I respect your need to think about this first - but can you tell me what concerns you have so that I can be sure to provide you with the right resources for you to research in order for you to make the best decision for you and your family?” (Then be quiet and listen. When you do this, often the real objection will rise to the surface.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hive Member Spotlight - Trudi Magoon - Michigan

I am a single mom of a 22 year old son, Nathan, who lives at home. We have a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, Duke and unfortunately, just had to put our other dog, Sadie, to sleep. I was born on October 17th. I grew up in Greenville, MI and lived in Grand Rapids, MI area for 10 years (2nd largest MI city). I have degrees in Accounting and Business with accreditation in Credit/Collections and Purchasing. In 1999 I became ill with TTP and Lupus (SLE) so moved back to Greenville to be closer to family.

With the Lupus I have been unable to work full time for several years. From 2000 – 2004 I owned my own handcrafted candle and bath/body product business; which I sold through craft shows and wholesale to gift shops. And I organized an internet “support” group, held supply co-ops, and organized annual conventions ( I still lend my knowledge to others on internet support groups). Business was growing to the point I was seeking a partner to help me, when I had a flareup of Lupus, so ended up closing the business at the end of 2004.

I have been looking for something else to do since (silly little disease won't stop me!). The idea of a direct sales company appealed to me; because I love the casual sales aspect of it...the fun party vibe that you can't get in a retail store. I also can have lots of control over when and how much I work. I discovered Urban Botanic a year ago while browsing online. I had just tried another direct sale business that didn't work out and was a big disappointment, so I was reluctant to try again. There also was no opportunity to view an actual UB workshop in action. But I just loved the concept of UB so much! And the number of products caught my eye as well. Having sold for other direct sales businesses and my own business in the past, I knew that stocking inventory or keeping up with changing products is a big issue...not so with UB! After a year of debating, my son suddenly said “Mom...just sign up already would you! You've researched it and if you feel you can easily sell it, do it. The biggest payoffs require the biggest risks.” My son, the voice of reason. So I am here and excited. I bought the $500 kit despite the new kits coming out soon. It really is a bargain with the free products. I do plan on purchasing the new kit when it comes out for the fragrance samples, as I see potential in the convenience.

My family, unfortunately, are not risk takers at is outside their comfort zone. I have always been the odd one in the family who thought...just give me a little resources and see what I could achieve. Thankfully, my friends are very supportive. Since I haven't worked in a while I am apprehensive and a little unsure about my abilities right now. I am confident, though, that the support of fellow fragrance designers will give me the little pick me up I need.

I would have guessed my personality test results to be Fruity. I was actually afraid it would turn out to be Floral...I am not a floral fan. My results were Leafy and Spicy; which ,though, it surprised me a bit, I can see it.

I believe I am the only fragrance designer in Michigan at the time I write this and that excites me. I think UB will be an exciting new addition to the home party plans circulating around. I have lots of ideas swirling through my head as to where I will market. I am starting off slowly to see how the Lupus will behave. I have a few friends I am getting scheduled for workshops and am planning on holding a few open houses out of my home to attract others. I am looking forward to sharing UB with everyone I can find. I feel it is a great opportunity for others also and am hoping my enthusiasm will rub off to new recruits. We have a whole state to tackle here. I also like being a mentor to others. Well...I might as well set a goal right year...$1500 a month in sales and 3-4 team members directly under myself who have at least 1 team member under them...or maybe my goal is “The Sky's The Limit!”.

What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB?

My mouth! I love to talk and when I get excited about something, it just runs and everyone else around me catches my enthusiasm bug.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Patricia writes -
Just starting out, did really well the first 2 months, now am at a standstill...I have trouble convincing people who are guests at a party to book a party....I do, but, its here and there not consistant....I need Help!!!!!

Dear Patricia -
Congratulations on your new business - we wish you the best. Thanks for your question - it is certainly one that many struggle with.

We have two thoughts -

Number 1 - Remember, we are in the `sorting' not `convincing' business. If you feel as though you have to convince people to have a party, then you will turn into that pushy sales person that no one wants to deal with. Your job is to effectively sell people on the benefits of hosting one of your parties. Work to do this 3-5 times during the course of your presentation in subtle ways like pointing out one of your popular items and mentioning that as a hostess you can receive it free or greatly discounted.

Number 2 - In order to be consistent with asking each and every person to host a party - during your introduction tell the guests that you will give them FREE SHIPPING on their order if you neglect to ask them to host a party. THAT WAY - it makes YOU accountable and also helps them to expect the question. Soon, asking every guest to host will be a habit for you and we think this will help with your challenges over consistency.
Thanks for writing! -TSF

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Customer Service

We love to focus on customer service! Customer service is one of the most important ingredients of our business that makes sure our customers come back to us time and time again. We have the opportunity to distinguish ourselves over the Wal-Marts and Targets of the world simply by building repoire and caring about our customers. When people look at you as someone who cares, vs. someone who's just “doing their job” or “out to make a sale” they will think of you over and over when they have a need for your products and more importantly, they will refer you to others.

Here are some things to think about when servicing your customers:

1) Do you know something about them personally?

-Do they have children, grandchildren?

- How old are they, what are their names and ages?

- If they are married, what is their spouse's name?

- Do you know the date of their birthday or anniversary?

How special would your customer feel if you sent her a card or quick note on her birthday or anniversary? When calling, if the husband answers the phone and you are able to call him by name, won't it be more likely that your message will be relayed?

2) Do you have a note of their past purchase history and/or wish list? What a great service to be able to phone when a particular product goes on special or when a new related product comes into your line that might be of interest to her.

Keep good records on your customers and use them. Be sure you are making notes when you chat. Stay in touch at least four times a year, either by phone or mail. The key is to be sure that when they think of your product, they think of you…by name!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer FUN and Business FOCUS!

Yesterday we talked about how to stay focused while enjoying the fun of summer with the kids home from school.

Today, we will share a potpourri of ideas to help you to be intentional about enjoying your summer AND keeping your store open.

Think OUTSIDE the box. Summer is a great time to try some new theme ideas for your parties. There's nothing better than a girl's night out, complete with margaritas to give your home party pizzazz! Tell your hostess you'll bring the salt and the limes!

Bring plenty of catalogs to stamp with you to those swimming lessons and soccer games - it's a good use of your time AND a great conversation starter.

Taking a road trip with the family this summer? Be sure you have a supply of old catalogs with you to leave at the rest stops along the way. Include a sticker that says “For a current catalog or information about earning some extra income flexibly - call …”

Summertime means fairs, festivals and farmer's markets. Vendors are always welcome. Booths are a wonderful way to branch out and meet new customers so be sure you don't miss these great opportunities.

How about organizing a neighborhood block party? What a great way to meet your neighbors and find out who else is running a home based business. You might even consider offering to put together a local directory to help folks be in touch.

Feeding your mind in the summer is easier than ever. If your company has a summer convention - don't miss it!

Long distance driving and your morning jog goes much faster while listening to CD's.
Need a good read for those lazy days on the beach? Feed your mind with a good read. Dare to Dream is one of the best books out there on building your business!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer FUN and Business FOCUS - Part 1

Can FUN and FOCUS co-exist in our home based business during the summer months?
With the kiddos home from school, schedules are altered. The neighborhood pool beckons, BBQ's and picnics are aplenty, family vacations loom ahead, etc; The FUN is just waiting to begin. Who wants to think about focusing on business?

Well, this year marks my 23rd of having a home business and I am here to tell you that the answer is ABSOLUTELY! You CAN have a fun business and still have a business focus in the summer. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and INTENTIONAL planning.

Here are some strategies for working with your children home during the summer.
1. Re-think your office hours. Consider making them shorter (for example, just two hours in the morning each day Monday through Friday). The kids are usually fresher in the morning and can do chores or entertain themselves. After lunch, they will be ready for the day's activities.

2. Speaking OF the day's activities - I always found my children were much more cooperative when there was a `carrot' each day related to good behavior. For example, if Mom can make phone calls for two hours, then we will go to the pool, zoo, or park after lunch. For smaller children, you may need a smaller block of time and also make use of the kitchen timer.

3. When taking your children to various activities, don't forget your `traveling office'. An expanding file works nicely. Stock it with business cards, catalogs, order forms, recruiting applications and be sure your party calendar is with you as well. You never know where you might meet a new potential customer.

4. Logo wear is a MUST in the summer. Get out those tee shirts, caps, and tote bags. The key is to BE SEEN!

5. Summer is also a great time to start to break in new babysitters in the form of Mom's helpers. There is nothing a preschooler likes more than a gregarious 10-year old to play with while mom is working.

Tomorrow, we will share more ideas for FUN and FOCUS during the summer months.
Need some ideas for new business? The summer is a GREAT time to expand your customer base. Check out our website for our newest CD release - “Expanding your Customer Base beyond Friends and Family”

Monday, June 2, 2008

Recruiting part 3 - Are you ready?

Yesterday, we discussed how to avoid that PUSHY feeling and also had a brief mention of Green Flags. Today we discuss another reason some people do not recruit -

Reason # 2 - I am not ready!

v What if someone expresses an interest in the business…NOW WHAT?
Ø I have NO idea what to say
Ø I have NO idea how to do a recruiting appointment
Ø I have NO idea what paperwork to fill out
Ø I have NO idea what I would do with someone who joined my team
Sound familiar?

Maybe these are not your personal fears but read this email with two sets of eyes please and think about the people on your team. Some of them have any or all of these questions with regards to recruiting.

What to say…The biggest mistake we all make, especially as new consultants, is that we say TOO MUCH! Especially if we have learned to identify Green Flags (see yesterday's email). Someone asks us a question about our business and we LAUNCH, leaving our poor `victims' with hurricane hair. Remember, we have one mouth and two ears! When someone asks a question about your business such as, “How many nights a week do you do this?”, feel free to answer BRIEFLY and then say… “I'm curious, why do you ask?” then please CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and wait for the answer. It will be hard, but do your best!

How to do a recruiting appointment-tomorrow's email topic.
How do I fill out the paperwork - obviously this is unique for each company. Please check with your recruiter if you are unsure and then PRACTICE filling it out so that you are comfortable! Sounds silly, but it's a smart idea!

What do I do with someone who joins my team? Again, training is unique to each company…your job is to educate yourself (via your recruiter or upline) as to what training resources are available through local meetings, the internet and conference calls. Also, (of course), get them subscribed to our FREE tips! As a new recruiter, you are the first resource to your new team member for any questions she may have. Don't worry! If you don't know all the answers, there is a good support system in place via your upline management and the company so use it!

Obviously, it is important also to have recruiting information and materials stocked as part of your business supplies. Carry this information with you wherever you go, just as you do your hostess information. YOUR GOAL is to become as comfortable signing new team members as you are scheduling parties. REMEMBER, we do the same job, same job, same job! If you can sell your product, you can book a party. If you can book a party, you can sign up a new recruit. These are all the same skills, you are just selling different products!

Learn to be a listener!
Read tomorrow's email for tips on recruiting appointments
If you don't know already, learn about what paperwork you need to fill out to sign someone up.
Check out your company's training information
Be a good buddy to your new team member, answer what questions you can, and get help with the questions you can't answer!
Remember that we are ALWAYS doing the SAME JOB!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Recruiting Part 2

We continue on our study of recruiting and discovering why it is that more people do not take advantage of the opportunity to truly build residual income in this business.

REASON #1… “I don't want to be PUSHY.” Probably the most common fear associated with recruiting.

Where does that fear come from?

The consultant is thinking more about herself than the potential recruit. Her fear of what that person will think of her exceeds the need to offer the opportunity. Therefore she says nothing.
Perhaps she had a negative experience with an “overly enthusiastic” sales person. She would never want to be perceived in that way and therefore, she says nothing.

Negative reinforcement from people in her life who she respects (relatives, close friends). We've all been there…ah yes, here are some of the things I heard when I first began in the business…

Ø (from my sister)… “You are doing WHAT? Do you need money? I'll give you money!
Ø (from my mother)… “Oh, certainly (that person I work with) is only buying from you as a favor to me!”
Ø (from a good friend)… “Now that you are in the party plan business, are you going to be bugging all of us all the time to sign up?”
Ø (from another good friend)… “Oh, we won't even talk to you about the business. We had SUCH a bad experience with…”
Ø (from a variety of people) … “Oh you are doing THAT? Isn't that one of those `pyramid schemes?'”
o Working through the fear, how do we filter out negative comments from important people in our lives in order to be able to hear green flags signs that someone is interested in the business? Sometimes those negative comments are replaying in our heads so loudly, that we can't hear when people say to us things like…
Ø “How's that going for you?”
Ø “Did you have to buy all your samples?”
Ø “Did you have a good night tonight (translation, how much money did you make?)”
Ø “How many nights a week do you do this?”
Ø “How did you get started doing this?”
Ø “You look like you really enjoy what you do!”

There truly is a very big psychological component to sales. And no matter how you hedge it, we are in the business of SALES! There it is, we've said it aloud. It boils down to your belief system. Do you believe in what you are selling (your product, the hostess and the business opportunity?) If you don't, then you need to get your head on straight. To our knowledge, none of the TSF subscribers are selling something illegal. All of us are selling something that will benefit someone. The key is remembering that. Adopt an unshakeable faith in your company and your product and stick with it. Do your best to develop a thick skin and not take things personally (and yes, this can be difficult with those people you care about in your life). We sort, we don't convince. Our job is to ask good questions in order to see if our product or service is a good fit for our potential customer. Once you learn to focus on what they need and not on yourself, you will find things go a lot smoother. SWSWSWSW NEXT is your daily mantra. SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT?.....SOMEONE'S WAITING…NEXT!

If you are fearful that you will be perceived as being pushy, say what you fear most. You might be surprised at the response that you get. Many years ago, a very good friend joined my team. This was someone I had grown up with and our families were as close as blood elatives. She became a leader in my downline and was with me for many years and grew a very organization of her own. Here's the interesting part of the story - it took me SEVEN YEARS to recruit her. Now, you would suppose that she would have written me off as a friend over that period of time or that I would have given up, right? But, to this day, long after our business relationship has come and gone we are still very close friends - neither of us would have it any other way. I worked all that time to recruit her because her need was crystal clear - she needed an extra income but is a mom of 4 active children. In my heart of heart, I knew it was a good fit for her and also that she would be great because she was a wonderful people person and a very hard worker (which I always told her). From time to time (maybe 3-4 times a year), I would contact her about joining my team. I would ALWAYS preface every phone call by saying - “Janet, I am really feeling like a pest here and you know our relationship is much more important than my business. Do I have your permission to tell you about what's happening right now with my company?” Her answer was always yes, and then for seven years there was always some reason or another why she couldn't join right then. I would always close our conversation with, “May I stay in touch, and can I count on you to tell me to buzz off when you are sick of hearing about the business?” So you see, I always had her permission to check in and I always gave her permission to let me know when she was no longer interested. Eventually timing for her family was right and she enjoyed many years with our company.

1) FAYC (Forget About Yourself Completely)
2) Have an unshakeable faith in your product, and your company
3) ALWAYS think about and STATE to your prospect
a) How they would benefit from your product or services
b) Why they would be a good fit for your company
4) Say what you fear most - by being honest and forthright, your prospect will respect you and listen to what you have to say (in most instances)
5) Remember, we are in the SORTING not the CONVINCING business - it's important to develop THICK SKIN!