Saturday, June 30, 2007

Remembering a Legend

Saturday is posting early due to the fact I'm out of town this weekend at Hoopfest for Dallon!

I think most of us can safely say that we've purchased a Liz Claiborne item or 2 once in our lifetime. This woman is amazing and will truly be missed! She was a fashion icon and her pioneering spirit reminds me of Urban Botanic and where we are at currently. This wave is coming and we can either be "riding it" or "drown by it." I hope we're all in a place to ride the wave!

Here is a taste of this great article. See the link below to read it all!

"With husband Art Ortenberg and partners Leonard Boxer and Jerome Chazen, Claiborne launched her label in 1976 after working for years as a relatively unknown dress designer. The brand emphasized ensemble sportswear, quality and keeping the price tag below that of other designers. Liz Claiborne and her husband retired from the day-to-day operations in 1989. The new approach to dressing revolutionized the department store industry, which had focused on stocking pants in one department and skirts in another.

"It's what the working woman needed," said Joanne Arbuckle, chairwoman of the art and design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. "Her coordinated pieces — you went from the turtleneck to sweater to pants to the socks. It's like what Gap did for kids, and she did it beautifully."

In the same spirit of pioneering, Kristie Edelman in MA is having a first for The Hive! A party in NY! I'm so dying to get New York opened and we wish Kristie the best in captivating her audience and a potential new recruit! She is such a talented woman and has won herself a $30.00 gift card or ad credit for creating our new La Mode fragrance for my fashion show on August 24th. WAY TO GO KRISTIE! To find her yummy summery receipe visit the Great Big Recipe Book on UB FanAddicts.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Just another reason to love Y.O.B.

Loving Your Own Business from The Success Factory:

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Today in our local Sunday paper, there was an article entitled Summer hours are not that unusual. It talked about the “how's” of getting your employer to be a little more flexible in the summer so that you can do all the fun stuff that there is to do when the weather is nicer. The author's three basic tips were:

1) Know when you shouldn't ask for the time away. (Based on your profession - not a good idea for a lawyer working to become partner, a reporter, a medical resident or an EMT)

2) Have a game plan…(Choices included working four ten hour days and being available 24/7 as you telecommute via your Blackberry)

Know how to ask for the time (best `words' to use when approaching your boss).
Well, I found the entire article fascinating and foreign! This summer marks my 24th that I have not had to negotiate around office politics or the approval of a boss. And all I can say is that I LOVE my Y.O.B. How about you?

Though most of us are not out of the jowls of Corporate America, I think that certain times of year definitely drive us to work harder to end the courtship that is neverending and can suck the life out of you. Thank goodness for a business on the side that completely rejuvenates me everytime I think of what the future holds.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Meeting with Seattle PI Blogger - Girl About Town

So today I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to share the UB concept with Darnell Sue, Blogger - Girl About Town. She was a hoot and we had a good talk and some wonderful Thai. It's amazing how we are all 6 degrees of separation away from someone else. We had a lot of the same contacts, but were also able to share some new contacts with each other and that was a blast.

She is a leafy and created a yummy fragrance of Water Lily, Sandalwood, and Honeysuckle that is now her signature scent. I think she was surprised she actually liked the leafy scents as she has always been drawn to the fruity family. $10 says her husband is a fruity!

She is now featuring me as one of her friendly bloggers and also is doing a write up on UB on her Friday episode of "What's Haute!" I'm so excited to be acquainted with her and her spirit and warmth were mesmorizing. Including her incredibly long blonde hair and flair for fashion. She grew up in Hoquiam which is a VERY small town here in WA and told me she was voted BEST DRESSED which is obvious when you meet her. I have added her to my blog and think that's a fun idea for those you are networking with. Be sure to add a link for "Bloggers You Love" as well! Those reciprocal links are win/wins for everyone.

We mixed up her lotion right there at the restaurant table after lunch and it went very smoothly and she mentiond a few boutiques that might love to partner so I'll be following up on those! It just goes to show you never know who might be interested and love the UB story and concept so don't be afraid to approach people in your locale. It's so easy to just send a quick email introducing yourself and offering to meet for lunch is a great way to start a relationship and really explain to them how it all works. She loved the Downtown Dog Lounge idea and may mention that as well.

This week has been so thrilling! I hope all of you are positioning yourselves for our makeover launch in the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Shawna Straub - Seattle, WA

I realized that I haven't really ever done the spotlight on myself and since we didn't have anyone new this week I figured I'd take it on!

I am married to my Internet sweetheart (LOL) named Ted and we have a son Dallon who is turning 8. We live in Auburn, WA which is about 20 minutes south of Seattle. My birthday is 6/15 and I'm a TRUE Gemini in every sense. One fun fact is that my entire family lives in the same neighborhood (Mom and bro and his family) which is actually pretty fun most of the time.

I decided to join Urban Botanic after talking to McKenna and Craig and receiving a product sample in scents created for my beach house. It was so personal and fun I just had to do it. My support network is really pretty good. My Dad has been in financial services and self-employed since I was 14 so I've really grown up in a positive and entrepreneurial environment. I really enjoy what working for yourself accomplishes vs. Corp America. To support me, fellow hive members can always feel free to give feedback and share their challenges or concerns.

My personality tests range from Fruity to Spicy depending on my mood when I take the test. I have to agree with those but honestly I'm drawn to EVERY scent family and have favorites in each one.

Within the next year I hope to have 100 members in The Hive and be getting close to the $50k mark with income. I'm definitely a business builder and think that recruiting is my favorite part and what I'm good at so want to constantly focus on that.

The one personality trait I think I have that helps me most is I'm pretty much fearless. I'm not afraid to talk to people about the business whether it be a boutique, blogger, reporter, etc. I figure the worst anyone can do is say NO and my son does it all the time. :)

If I were a tree I'd be a Palm Tree. They are tall and skinny and produce coconuts (and I'm nuts) and can weather any storm! That's my goal, to weather everything including success!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Karen Phelps posted the playback of the teleseminar which I'm embarrased to say I still haven't had a chance to listen to yet and I'm going to right when I finish posting :)

Excelling in Direct Selling Teleseminar Replay

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for the “Excelling in Direct Selling Teleseminar” you can listen to the replay for a limited time. The number to call is (641) 985-0500 pin 3355534#
This teleseminar replay is for those who are looking to take their business to the next level.
Use these replay commands for easier listening.

Replay Commands
1 - Rewind2 - Pause3 - FF 10 Sec4 - Rew 1 min5 - FF 5 min6 - FF 1 min7 - Restart from the beginning8 - Rew 5 min9 - Go to 1 min from end* - increase replay volume# - Increase replay volume

This week is overwhelming but I'm totally excited! The interview with DSRS is tomorrow morning and then I have lunch scheduled with the Seattle PI blogger now on Wednesday! I need to start my 900 doggie perfume samples for DTDL and then I received an email from DSRS today asking for me to do a giveaway for one of their contests so that will be super cool! All of the contestants have to go to my site and take the personality test and of course we should be ready by then for the website changes so I'm completely PYSCHED! Blogs may be a little short this week due to all the activity but I'm sure you understand :)

The most important thing you can do today is look at this incredible blog from Avis! What are your top 10?

Monday, June 25, 2007

HIve Talkin Conference Call Playback

Here is the info for the playback on our call last night! We had a small group but were able to cover a lot and talk more about the new Signature Collections!

Free Conference Play Back Playback Number: (641) 985-5009 Access Code: 805628#

Don't forget to check out my Sunday post if you haven't already for an exciting start to your week! I would love to know from all of you as well which evenings work best for the Hive Talkin call so we can accomodate your schedules better if Sunday night is difficult.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Things are Happening with Urban Botanic!

I'm so jazzed today I can hardly stop to relax. This week is going to be huge and I can hardly wait. Here is my schedule thus far and the power of attraction just keeps em coming!

Monday - Meet with Seattle P.I. blogger "Girl About Town" on the Urban Botanic experience.
Tuesday - Be interviewed on by Kerrie Spencer for the July 2nd show (visit the website to listen to previous shows only 15 min!)
Wednesday - Create signature scents for Kerrie and Wedding Bee sample recipient Tracy (pre-paid orders).
Thursday - Follow up with boutiques that are interested in doing the affiliate program and meet face to face to create their postcard and signature scent.
Friday - Downtown Dog Lounge campaign - create 900 postcards and perfume samples for all of their grooming clients. Head to Spokane, WA for Hoop Fest (basketball tournament that Dallon is playing in)

I'm super psyched about Monday and the networking I'll be doing with my contact from the P.I. It's a great opportunity locally to really extend the business here and find other Fragrance Designers interested in all we have to offer. I hope that all of you are taking advantage of the lull the summer seems to bring and the beautiful weather that helps to get everyone in a good mood and open to look at something new! Start your PR engines so you have a lot of things in place for July and August to really push the new Signature Collections and up your commissions 100%!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A full calendar = Successful UB Business (TSF)

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Calendar check…do you have six to eight revenue generating events on your calendar this month and next? If not, let's talk about how you can keep a perpetually full calendar of parties and events.

If you are short on parties, you can always book a party in your own home. Think about scheduling two events back to back. That way, when you call to invite people, you can offer choices. Offering your event as a `mystery hostess' situation will make the invitation even more appealing. Hold a drawing and pick one guest's name to receive the hostess benefits for the party. Offer more chances to be in the raffle if someone books a party or brings a friend!

Always ask everyone at your parties to book a party. If you are feeling shy about asking everyone, announce that if you neglect to ask someone to host a party or join you in the business you will pay for the shipping costs on their order!

Ask for referrals. Again, you may want to offer an incentive if someone refers you to a friend who agrees to book a party or joins your team.

Don't forget the outside orders or the people who were invited to a hostess' party and were unable to attend. These are a goldmine of potential hostess' that are often neglected.
Trade a party for a party. The next time another party person asks you to hold a show, only agree to do so if she hosts a party for you.

Organize a vendor event. Gather together several consultants from other party plan companies. Schedule an open house where each of you agrees to invite 50 of your own customers to attend. This is a great way to expand your customer base. You may even want to consider donating some of the proceeds to a local charity.

Farmer's Markets are aplenty in the summer. Many will allow you as a vendor to set up a table - check it out! State and County fairs and festivals are a great way to build your customer base in the summer.

Do the math. If you earn an average of $75 at a party - figure out how many parties you will need to book in order to pay for your booth fees. Set a goal go book at least double that amount.
Once your calendar is beefed up, go into each party with a goal of scheduling at least one to two parties at each party that you do. If you do that, your calendar will never be running on empty again!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Building Blocks for Success in your UB biz contd.

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Some doctors have a great bedside manner. They are sensitive, personable and in tune with the specific needs of their patients. Even if the topic that they discuss with you is `routine' for them - they talk with you as if it were the first time they were ever giving anyone this information.

Then there are the doctors who have said what they need to say so many times that they are on automatic pilot. They are in and they are out - so busy thinking about whatever is next on their agenda that the emotional needs of their patient are not even a consideration.

If you are a seasoned consultant and have been tempted hit the delete button because this `building blocks' series is seemingly old information for you - I would urge you to read on. You may be, unwittingly, in the category of the doctor lacking bedside manner.

In today's email, I encourage you to take a step back and look with discerning eyes at your hostess coaching skills. Are you as really as effective as you could be? Are you covering ALL the points necessary for your hostess to have a successful party or has it become so familiar to you that perhaps you are assuming that she knows how to throw a successful party and some details are getting lost?

One of the best tools that I can recommend when coaching your hostess is a checklist. Pilots use them before each flight - no matter how many hours they have flown. They never trust their memory and neither should you. The difference between a party that is average and a party that is GREAT is usually the work you do prior to the party coaching your hostess.

Below you will find a generic hostess coaching checklist. Feel free to customize it to the specifics of your company, parties and products. Of course this is a great training tool for new consultants but I would challenge you today to use it yourself for the next 90 days and see if this new habit makes a difference in your parties.

Hostess Coaching Checklist


Phone:____________________ E-Mail:__________________



Wish List:_____________________________________________

___ Hostess Packet given or mailed (circle one)____________________________


Call #1 (When the party is dated)

___Review the Hostess Program with her

___Stress the importance of personally inviting guests via phone or in person.

___Have her contact 8 - 10 `key' people on her list within the next 48 hours to be sure the
agreed upon date will work for them so that she may reschedule immediately if necessary.

Personal contact is more effective than email invitations because her guests will hear her enthusiasm.

Call #2 (48 hours later)___________________________


___ Confirm date or reschedule if necessary

___ Re-excite the hostess by helping her to develop her wish list

___ Brainstorm her guest list. Help her think about all the circles of friends in her life. Over-invite (30-40 only 1/3 will come). Help her with what to say to her friends to invite them.

___ Review any specials

___ Send me the invitation mailing list within 48 hours so I can send out invitations and/or help with day before reminder calls.

___ Thank her, schedule a time for your next call (about a week prior to the party)
Let her know how excited you are and how much fun her party is going to be!

Call #3 (Approximately one week before the party)________________________________


___Invitations have been mailed or emailed (by me or Hostess)

___ Continue inviting people (hand out invitations in person as well)

___ Keep your hostess encouraged by reminding her that people do not always RSVP so follow up is important. Typical responses are YES, NO, MAYBE or non-committal. Remind her to let them know they can book their own party or place an outside order if they cannot attend.

___Help your hostess with details of collecting outside orders. Ask friends to keep the catalog for 24 hours and have all orders collected before the party in order to close that night.

___Plant a recruiting seed with your hostess - Have you ever considered doing what I do?

Call #4 (Day or two before the party)_______________________________


___ “I am so looking forward to your party - we are going to have so much fun!”

___ Who have you talked to in the last day or two? I'll be helping you by doing reminder calls to your guests, just like the dentist office does.

___ Check on lighting in the room you where you will do your presentation.

___Double check on “kid status” (dad or sitter please)

___Serve refreshments first

___Double check directions, I'll arrive 30 minutes ahead of time to set up. See you then!

____Thank you note mailed to the hostess _________________________


____Follow-up/Thank you calls to the Guests and Hostess (preferably the day after the party)



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Incredible New Announcements for Urban Botanic

We had a very exciting call for all UB Scentsational Members to get a sneak preview of the July rollout of the UB YOU Signature Fragrance Collections! Just another perk that UBS members receive so don't forget to continually work to be in a position to jump when the UBS windows open up.

These new products are amazing and as you've seen from the sneak preview that McKenna announced via email, they allow us to have purchases from personality takers, those that can't attend a party, and many more avenues!

Think of this as My Scents on crack! (PS we will still have the 3/6/9 customizable My Scents ongoing but this is more of a default order after taking the online test). 6 oils are chosen based on the personality test results so there will be a total of 6 collections (6 oils/6 collections, easy to remember). The packaging is also receiving a makeover which I will post to this later if I haven't received by email in time. Customers will be able to purchase directly from your site. One thing to be aware of is that they can also purchase this type of kit from the Corp Site. Re-direct sites are advised for those doing a lot of online marketing so that you don't lose customers they may forget to type in the /shawna (for example) on the end. Test results will be more valuable to the customers and will actually show an image of "UB" picking out their individual oils and really personalize the overall feel. The oils included in each family will be 3-4 of the actual scent family and then 2-3 others (like Sandalwood and Egyptian Musk) that blend nicely to create a more well rounded scent that lasts longer with other scents besides top notes like Fruity's and Florals.

Sample recipes will also be included along with an updated brochure that explains the scent making process. The kits will contain the 6 oils, 1 perfume, 1 lotion, and 1 shower gel. It will retail for $89.95 + $10.00 shipping and designers will receive a 25% commission ($22.49 per kit) which is the same commission we receive on MY Scents Members purchases now. There are over 44k possibilities of scent combinations with the 6 oils.

Once a customer is linked to you and returns to purchase you will continue to receive commissions on their future purchases. Your commissions will be added to your regular monthly commission checks and be before the 15th of the following month (same as today).

Our personal web sites will also receive a bit of a face lift making them easier to maneuver for first time visitors and allowing customers to be directed immediately to take the online test. They will also contain simple messaging on what UB is, etc.

There will be a campaign that you can link all past website visitors to explaining about the new kit and hopefully bring in some business from those that never booked a party or were interested in buying but not hosting.

Here is some housekeeping that I'll be doing to truly utilize this new technology:

  • Send out the campaign email to past hostesses and personality takers

  • Remind hostesses that they can qualify for more goodies with outside sales at their parties. Be sure to have them give you names of those buying so you can match them with your online sales

  • Revisit past bloggers, those that wrote articles, and overall free press and show them about the new technology and ask them to write an update

  • Show salons and boutiques how they can also become an "online" distributor and bring in extra sales without hosting events, etc.

  • Go back to any UB Designers that pittered out and show them the incredible new opportunity they have by becoming active again and truly bringing in traffic to their sites with little to no effort on their part!

  • Get a re-directing website that takes people directly to my UB site so that I don't lose any sales for all the web advertising, etc. I'm doing. (very little cost to just redirect a URL).

Urban Botanic continues to bring us the best in technology, innovation, and overall bang for our investment buck! If there are potential designers you've been talking to, send them to my blog to hear more and come early July you'll see this coolness in action!

I'll be posting the agenda from the call on Team Burst if you want every little detail and I've enclosed the info from McKenna's email on the picture, etc. below...

"We don't yet have an image of the packaged set, but the attached is the components with some extra "props", which will be displayed on the site. I'll do my best to describe the packaging: It's a clear vinyl bag that is circle-shaped on the bottom and drawstring on the top. It has an insert that wraps around the inside of the bag that has the U.B.You Signature collection logo, etc. Inside the bag there is a small clear box that contains the 6 oils and the mixing glass. Around the clear box, we position the unscented Parfum, Lotion, Shower Gel, mixing stick, instructions, etc. So everything including the unscented product fits in the custom vinyl bag. "

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Arlene DeVroy - Port Huron, MI

I am located in Port Huron, MI. I am divorced I have a 9 year old son and a 20 year old son living at home. I am a Taurus my birthday is in May.

I attend Cosmetology College with about 100 students and we all want to look and smell beautiful! So I talked the owner in to letting me have a party there. I can’t wait..
I have so much support all around about this, everyone I talked with wants to buy from me.

I am floral and yes it hit the nail right on the head! I want to take this to the top, Since I am in a state where it has not been launched the door is wide open for me. My skillsets are communication skills and a great personality.
If I was given $1000.00 to market my product, I would first advertise as much as possible where ever I could. ( newspapers, flyer's, salons) I would also check prices for advertising on our local TV channels, internet, buy business cards and pass them all out!
I would get a magnetic sign for my van so people would ask about it.

If I was a flower I would be a Lily Of The Valley because they smell beautiful, are tiny, only here for a short time so you have to enjoy them while they are here and they look like cute tiny little bells.

If we think of it as our life, we are only here for a short time so we must make ourselves and others happy while we can.. so we will be remembered by others for years to come and live life to the fullest.
I am so glad I am now part of your team!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Building Blocks for Success in your Urban Botanic business

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In our last tip, we talked about some solutions to the challenges of juggling family and business during the summer months.

Summertime is also an ideal time to get back to the basics and position your business for explosive growth by the time fall rolls around. Keeping in mind that there is a definite 30-90 day cycle to business - what you do right now will dramatically affect your income in the late summer and early falls months.

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned consultant, starting over again can give your business a much needed face-lift. If you are someone who has been around for a while, I encourage you to read this next series of emails with an open mind. Even if these are things that you are already doing it never hurts to begin again or at the very least read and save these tips as training tools.

Today's tip…revisit or (if you are new - build) your list of 100. Don't forget FRANK - Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors and people you meet through your Kids Activities.
If you've been in business for awhile we encourage you to reconnect with the folks on this list that in the past weren't ready to hear about your business. You will also be ready to add new people to this list from the parties you've held and booths that you've worked. You may also have people to add from your life that you'd not considered when you made your original list. Don't forget, it is not unusual for people to need to hear about something more than once before making a positive decision.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Juggling Summer and Your Business (TSF)

The song that talks about the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer was clearly written in the days before summer camps, organized sports, and swimming lessons. In theory - the prospect of summer brings visions of endless time to work your business. However, if you have children, you may be finding that the change in schedule leaves you less focused on your business and more focused on getting your kids to and from their activities.

Today we offer some suggestions of how to manage both your business and your family during the summer months.

- Carpooling - a great solution not only to rising gas prices, but a time management solution!

- Shared childcare - buddy up with a friend and trade time for time

- Pockets of time - always carry your calling list, calendar and cell phone with you. Use the time you spend waiting for kids making some calls to customers.

- While sitting at ballgames and swim lessons, stamp catalogs and stuff hostess and recruiting packets.

- Business mileage - drop your kids at their activities on the way to recruiting appointments, a hostess' house, the post office or the bank.

- Hire a mom's helper. Take one day a week and have a neighborhood sixth or seventh grader come to play with your children. Your kids will find a `big kid' infinitely more fun than you and YOU will be breaking in a new sitter.

- Have a portable office in your car. Always be ready to pass out a business card, schedule a party, or hand out a catalog. If you carry inventory, you may want to carry a small supply around in your car. You never know when there is a sale waiting out there.

Keeping your business open and running during the summer is a MUST if you are planning on a lucrative fall. Plan to work and work your plan. The combination of summer and kids requires a little more energy and creativity - but it will pay off in spades 30, 60 and 90 days from now when some of the seeds that you plant are ready for a fall harvest.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

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Please make sure to pamper your Husband's, Father's, Step-Father's, etc. etc. today and remind them how lucky you are to have them in your life!

Homework assignment today - Hug and Kiss the Dad's in your life!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vacations Continued

But I just want to get away from it all and not even THINK about my business for one entire week…isn't THAT OK?

So…you want to just get away from it all for a week or two and NOT think about your home business. You really just need a clean break to relax, refresh and rejuvenate…is that allowed?


We love our businesses so much we think about them all the time. The fact that we work from home only makes it that much harder to `go home from work' so-to-speak. EVERYONE needs a break and it is important that you take one once in a while. So, what are some strategies to use to really get away from it all?

Communication is key - let your team and your customers know that you will be away by an automated email and voice mail message.

Consider running a sales or recruiting contest to your team while you are away - that will help keep your team sales statistics up while you are gone.

Run a special phone sale for customers while you are gone so that you have orders to place when you return.

Double up on your sales and recruiting activity for the days in the month that you will be working in order to keep your goals in place. For example - if your goal is 8 parties a month and you will be gone for two weeks in July, you will need to do 4 parties a week when you are in town vs. 2 parties a week throughout the month. Make sense?

Share with your team what you are doing - it is important to role model responsible business behavior to them.

If you are seriously getting away (and we DO recommend that you afford yourself this luxury at least once a year) DON'T bring your laptop or Blackberry on vacation and don't check voice mail.

Consider building in an extra day when you get home. Plan your vacation so that you return one day before consultants or customers are expecting you. The same can hold true for returning to your office after being away at convention. One extra day to regroup with your family and your laundry is an important gift to give yourself.

Do what you LOVE while you are on vacation and be 100% present. That way, you will truly come back ready to get back to business!

Friday, June 15, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME cha cha cha...

Well it's finally here. The big 37! This week started off a bit bumpy including getting rear-ended last night for the 2nd time in my car. (ugh) Luckily no real damage except jamming my thumb against the steering wheel. The dude couldn't even put out his cigarette while giving me his insurance card (HELLO!). So I drove into Jack in the Box for a Chicken Sandwich and drove out with a Sourdough Burger (how hard is it really to get the right order these days LOL)! But no matter, I'm still in a good mood because I have my health, my family, and Urban Botanic and I'm so excited about everything that's coming our way including a new team member in MI I'm planning to sign on this weekend. We'll end up with 32 in The Hive on my birthday which is only 5 short of my updated goal so it's back on to 50 as the next milestone!

Here is my current plan of action for the rest of June:

1. Deliver Downtown Dog Lounge their perfume samples for 4 legged friends by 6/20.
2. Place the ad in the Fashion First Seattle Fashion Show
3. Provide 80 samples and postcards for swag bags for Fashion First
4. Put together 100 sample and postcards for the IADT Fashion Show
5. Finish off the wedding bee samples
6. Follow up on the August Beauty Buffet (blog) interview on yours truly
7. Mother Magnetism ( featuring UB.
8. Pass Out Birthday Card Postcards at parent friendly locations
9. Work with Hive Leadership on overall training program for new designers
10. Add 2-3 new team members personally and assist other Hive Members in making UBS

Well that should keep the rest of June hopping! If you haven't added your June and July parties you've booked to the Team Site (meaning you emailed them to me) please do so and we can continue the incredible momentum. Next birthday 2008 my goal is 100 Members in The Hive and a huge celebration before the UB convention (I'm sure we'll be ready by then ;) and a Hive Party that everyone in UB is invited to with a huge dance, goodie bags of Hive Swag, and Beelicious food! I'm a party girl!

OK WAIT..... blowing out the virtual candles on my goals...


Thursday, June 14, 2007

TSF on Vacations - Part 1

Will you be going away on vacation this summer? The beauty of being in your own business is that it is flexible and this provides many options and opportunities when it comes to `getting away from it all'.

Our next mini-series of tips will look at vacations and some tips and options for you to consider with regards to your direct sales business.

One oft used phrase amongst folk in direct sales is that there are tons of tax benefits; even to the point of `you can take a vacation and write it off.' This is tricky territory; certainly an area to consult your tax professional on before going on vacation. The IRS will want to see that the main purpose of the trip was to conduct business. A two week road trip to visit Aunt Martha and Uncle Ted across country - leaving a catalog in a rest stop along the way - doesn't exactly entitle you to claim your mileage, food and hotel costs as business expenses. Get the picture?

That said - there are things that you definitely can do while on vacation to promote and grow your business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

There are lots of reasons to have both a local and long distance team (the subject of many emails in the past). To grow your team long distance, consider running an ad in the local paper in your destination city. You can dedicate one afternoon of your vacation to recruiting appointments in the lobby of your hotel while dad takes the kids to a local museum.

If you are visiting friends or relatives - see if they will consider hosting a home party. Depending on your product line - you may need some creative tips from your upline or other seasoned consultants on how to take a smaller sampling of products on the road in an extra suitcase.

If you already have a long distance team and you are driving to your destination - consider a stop along the way to meet with and train those team members that you may have only met over the phone in the past. Remember, you are always a celebrity when you come to town from a distance!

DO leave extra catalogs in rest areas along the way. Put a sticker on the front with your phone number on it - letting them know about the business opportunity!

DON'T miss the opportunity to chat with hotel clerks, waitresses, bellboys, and even your cab driver about what you do! You never know who might be interested.

DO have open dialoging with your family about expectations and boundaries for working your business while on the road. DON'T forget to HAVE FUN. You know what they say about all work and no play…

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Tami Mickey - Cassoday, KS

I am single and have 3 kids. My son Taylin, 21 is a senior at Kansas University in 07-08. My daughter Katy, 18 is a sophomore at Butler Community College next year. My daughter Carly is 13 and in the 8th grade at Flinthills middle school. We live in Cassoday Kansas . It is a town of about 100 great people, located about in the middle of Kansas City and Wichita . I love it here!!! I was born in Stratton Nebraska , January 16th 1964. How time flys!!!

My daughters and I have been interested in making our own fragrances and have done it before in the mall in KC. I was thrilled to see Dendria was having a party here. I will have a great support and network. My church is large and in the city. My daughter’s friends will be excited as well. I have 4 sisters so I’m sure I will be supported there also. I have been thankful for your encouragement already. Thank you. Keep up the great support. Teach me how to be as supportive also.

My personality test were floral 20% and fruity, leafy, woodsy were 18% with herby at 14% and spicy at 12%. I thought they seemed to be very accurate on paper. When my kit comes, I’ll mix some up and see!!! In the next year I see myself as a growing business owner, learning and having fun with people.

The personality trait I have that will help me be successful is that I love people and I love to have fun!!!

Shawna's Fun Questions:

If you were a candy bar which one would you be and why?
Hershey’s with Almonds They are sweet and nutty!!! And my favorite.

If you were told you could earn 1 mil by hiring 30 consultants in 30 days how would you go about it?

Have a party inviting the public with a BBQ and music in the square of Old town in the city. Advertise in all the local papers on Sunday’s for a month.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tapping My Own Resources for Urban Botanic Success

So it was time to update my Working Mother blog today and I spilled over into this blogger on there by the name of Julie Lenzer Kirk. She has just finished her book called The ParentPreneur Edge and it looks really interesting. In a nutshell her book teaches you how to use your parenting skills in your business to be successful. She's also featured on 6/18 on this online radio show which I have found to a be a huge resource called Growing Your Business with Fred & Lyna.

That keyed me onto to another website that was featured on 6/4 and I'm going to see if they record them so I can listen to it called Small Business Mavericks. They have an article called Article Marketing that I'm finding SUPER interesting.

When I write for Associated Content I try to get paid as much as possible for my articles and after reading that article it truly sums up what Lauri has patiently been trying to explain to me so I found this really helpful and like article marketing for dummies!

I think you'll find the websites really helpful. It's easy to get caught up into some of this stuff and then feel lost in trying to execute on it but I think that I can easily assimilate it into the book I'm reading right now called The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

It's helping me to put into action all of the things I'm learning and set goals against it. This week I'll be one year older but MANY years wiser since entering into the roller coaster we call Urban Botanic!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Lost Art of Listening - TSF

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We have all probably experienced the home party that makes you want to stop your presentation and scream “Hello…do mind? I'm trying to talk up here and you three ladies in the corner are so busy talking to each other that you aren't listening to what I have to say.”

But when you think about it, isn't that what we do sometimes when we are expressing our enthusiasm for the business opportunity? We are, in fact, so busy making sure that our prospect hears what it is that WE have to say that we forget to listen to them.

The hardest part of listening is remembering to shut up long enough to give the other person the opportunity to talk. However, once mastered - learning to be an effective listener - including making good eye contact - will reap many rewards when done well.

You are flattering the person you are talking to by listening to them and so right from the start you build good rapport. Think about your last home party presentation. Didn't you relate better to the person who was listening and nodding than the three women having their own `gab session' in the back of the room?

By listening carefully you will pick up personal information. Nothing builds rapport better with a woman than remembering her child's name, where she lives or what her interests are.

By listening and asking good questions, you may uncover needs that require filling (sometimes referred to as a customer's `hot button'). For example, she may mention that she has recently decided to stay home with her children but money is tight, or that she is currently working outside the home but is unhappy with her daycare situation, or that her family will be moving soon and she is looking for ways to make new friends.

Finally, one of the best ways to get referrals is by developing good listening skills. You may be surprised at what you hear when you listen in on conversations before during and after your party presentation. Who is a teacher looking for summer work or extra income? Who is active in her church (and can perhaps help you with a name to contact for a fundraiser?). Who has a broad base of friends or relatives in the area? You get the idea.

Think about taking in more information than you give out the next time you are in any kind of a social situation and you may be surprised at what you HEAR!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hosting Your Child's Career Day

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Presenting at Dallon's Career Day was a total blast. It's a captive audience that you know will be going home to Mom and Dad and begging to have this type of party with friends or for their own birthdays.

I set up the presentation basically with a few oils showing, a shower poof to throw around to keep their attention and an unscented product to make for the winners of my game. Here is how it worked.

1. Present yourself and the company, explain the basics of what we do. Show them the different colored labels on the oils and explain the scent families and personalities. Have them raise their hands if they typically like fruity or floral or spicy scents and give examples of what they are.

2. Explain that you will be showing them how we mix a product and there will be a winner that gets to take it home. Pass out game slips (will be on teamburst) and have them Guess The Scent for 3 scents. I chose Lemon, Peppermint and Green Apple for my 1st crew and then Chocolate, Peppermint, and Green Apple for the 2nd. We had almost everyone miss Green Apple on both classes so that was interesting.

3. Explain that the bath poof will show who has the "floor" or who should be talking. When I hold the poof they need to listen to me, when I throw it to someone we will listen to them. That helped a lot with people speaking when they shouldn't and blaring out answers when I didn't want them to.

4. Once you have a winner, have them come up to the front of the class. I had a tie on the 2nd group and for that I broke it with whichever person's birthday was closest to mine. You could have them smell another scent but I had a time frame to work with. When they come up I ask them what types of scents they like. Most of the winners chose scents we had already smelled in the game so that worked well. One chose Lemon, Peppermint and Vanilla, the other Raspberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla. I did a Bubble Bath on Group #1 and a Shower Gel on Group #2.

5. Show them how to do the math and help them put the drops in the glass (depending on age). Then have some other folks from the audience help with mixing and stirring, etc. I had boys shake it up when we were done with big muscles, etc. etc.

6. When I was finished mixing the product I asked "Don't you think it would be more fair if everyone got a prize today?" Of course they all shouted yes and I passed out postcards from Vista Print with a lotion sample in birthday cake flavors. Boys received Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting recipe and girls Raspberry Filling. They smelled delightful and all the kids were trying them on saying "Smell Me!" to their teachers.

With these steps and anything else you want to throw in you can teach kids about having their own business, etc. I forgot to mention a lot more about being an entrepreneur which I had planned but you could definitely explain how because you own your own business you're able to be there to present and how much fun you have as a family, etc.

Dallon let me know that all the kids loved my presentation and said he had a "very cool Mom." They all took home a reminder of Urban Botanic and were taking some extras for Moms, Sisters, etc. Very fun and exciting day for Mom and child! Hopefully you'll be first on the list to sign up for your kid's Career Days and if they don't have them, mention it to the school/PTA so that they can educate kids on all the options for them in a career and to keep them dreaming!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Planting Your Urban Botanic Garden

Great insight from The Success Factory...

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The other day, one of my girlfriends shared with me her angst over not having planted her spring flowers yet. To her, this was just as bad as celebrating Christmas without a Christmas tree.

OK, so, I just don't get it. I have a lot of friends who absolutely revel in planting their spring garden. They just can't wait to experience the feeling of all that nice dirt under their nails. They know the names of every plant in their yard, the difference between a perennial and an annual, what the bunnies will eat and what they will not, what will bloom when, how much water and sun is needed - they even know what to plant so that their yards will be a beautiful rainbow of color year round. Wow.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE to buy flats of flowers. I love it when my yard is neat and pretty - grass cut, flowers in bloom and no weeds. The problem is I would like it if someone else made it that way for me. But, if I am going to have flowers, I have to plant all those flats of flowers that I bought - before they die.

Today, I planted marigolds - too many to count. I worked for two and a half hours and I'm pretty sure that I may not ever be able to stand up straight again. We have 120 feet of split rail fence at the back of our yard. It felt more like 120 MILES as I plodded along, weeding the bed, digging the holes and planting the flowers. I thought I would never get to the end. However, every time I was ready to give up, I found that if I looked back at the lovely orange flowers planted neatly in a row instead of ahead at the weeds yet to be pulled I kept on plugging. After all, how silly would my garden look if I left it only half planted? And what I'd already done was a beautiful reflection of my hard work.

As the summer progresses, I realize that I will need to regularly water and weed my flower bed - but it will be worth it as I enjoy the fruits of my labor through the summer and well into the fall.

What will your business `garden' look like at the end of the summer? Will it look well tended, manicured and full of beautiful flowers - the result of your consistent attention? Or, will you begin the fall with nothing but weeds - a garden that looks as though you were out of town all summer?

While it can be tempting to close your business down in the summer months because the business road ahead seems filled with weeds. It may seem more appealing to just relax and take it easy. But, I encourage you to look back at all the fruits of your labor so far this year. Do you really want to leave your garden half planted?

Occasionally, we all have times when we wish someone else would work in our garden for us. Certainly it would be much easier if someone else would be willing to get the dirt under their nails and we could just sit back and collect our check. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. So, even if the labor is back breaking at times we must forge ahead. The rewards in the fall will be sweet and it is much easier to continue on the journey you have begun than it is to have to start all over from the beginning again in the fall.

Happy planting!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I took my own personality test from Kelsey's blog and my results are posted below. I found them interesting and exciting. It just proves to me that Urban Botanic is definitely where I'm supposed to be and being an entepreneur is exciting and worth the risk. As I continue on at my day job it's changed a lot knowing the direction I want to go now vs. wondering what I would do and being unhappy and feeling lost all the time. It's actually becoming more enjoyable as I realize it's a catalyst in helping me get where I'm going!

Today I'll be doing the Career Day at my son's school. I'm looking forward to it and he is so excited about his class watching me in action. He's recruited the whole second grade to attend so it's pretty inspiring that he thinks I'm the bomb!

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.
You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The power of a hand-written note... (TSF)

Call me old fashioned but…

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The power of a hand-written note or personalized card should not be underestimated.
In this “E” age (electronic voicemail, E-tickets, and E-mail) we, as a society are becoming more detached and less personal with friends, family and co-workers.

While the “E” world does have its advantages - it can be faster, more efficient and a time saver in many circumstances. I caution you not to forsake the written word.
While it might be easier to shoot a quick email off to a consultant on your team who needs recognition for a job well done - a hand written postcard makes a much more powerful statement. Think about it. More than 50% of all Americans still say that getting their mail is the high point in their day. Sad but true, especially when you take a look at your most recent mailbox goodies. At our house, it was an advertisement for the local cable provider, a grocery store sale flier, three bills, and a couple of bank statements. Whoop-dee-doo!

On the rare occasion that there is a hand addressed envelope in the pile - THAT gets my immediate attention. I assure you, your consultants and your customers feel the same way.
Sending a fun, colorful, handwritten recognition postcard to a team consultant is sure to earn you a spot on the refrigerator for her whole family to see…(after all, when was the last time anyone gave her a compliment for the swell job she did of cleaning the kitchen?!) AND spouses SHOULD see when their mate is doing a great job - an email just won't do!

Your hostesses and customers, probably have mailboxes bearing the same, boring, mail as the rest of us. How much more likely will they be to remember YOU if you send them a personally written thank you note?

So, keep postage and stationery close at hand. It's the old fashioned a little slower than email but I challenge you to try it for the next couple of months. Jotting a quick note after getting off the phone with a consultant or customer and popping it in the mail is a habit that you want to get into. Yes, postage is going up in price while email is, basically, free - but a 41 cent stamp and the cost of some stationery or postcards is a miniscule investment that will pay you back tenfold.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Sue Giskaas - Great Falls, MT

Well, golly, I can't help but feel welcome. I am married, for 24 years now, we have two boys, Matt 23, and Eric, 22. My husband is full time with the Montana Air National Guard, and so are both our boys. I organize three craft shows during the year. I volunteer with the 120th Family Readiness Group, it's an organization that helps our military families stay connected and find help when needed.

I have been self-employed for 23 years now, I have done many things and sometimes had two and three businesses going at one time. I live in Great Falls, Montana, but am originally an Air Force brat. I have moved often in my life but consider Texas my original home and Montana my first home.

My birthday is September 19, and I am 45 years old (but still feel like I'm 18). I am a type 1 diabetic which has only made me stronger, more thankful, and more eager to life to the fullest, I have done a lot of things in my life and plan to do a whole lot more. UB caught my eye because it sounded like a good business venture. I had just heard a friend say she has been searching for years for her "signature scent", and I thought it might be time to try something new and totally fun for a change.

I haven't really talked to my friends and family about this yet, but I can guarantee they will be behind me. When I took the personality test I was 25 % leafy, 25% woodsy and then a real mix of everything else, and yes I think I agree with the results for the most part.

I'm not sure where I would see myself in a year in this company. I would like to get it going first and then start setting realistic goals for myself. First a monthly goal, then maybe a six month plan, then we'll take a look at a year. I think the one personality trait that I have that will help me succeed in this business is the fact that I am a self-starter.

I can work at home and really work for 8 hours, then shut the door and go home (or upstairs). I have a good business sense, I take the time to educate myself in areas I may be weak, and I know for a fact I don't have all the answers.

I'm excited to be joining the team and I look forward to working with everyone. I have attached a picture of my whole family since without them, I'm not me! This picture was taken when we were awarded the National Military Family Award, I'm very proud of all my guys.
Thanks for all the welcomes, this is going to be a great ride!
Shawna's Fun Question:
If you were a "candy" what would you be?
Well, let's see, the candy would probably be the Atomic Fireball, not only my favorite candy but fits my personality too.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Loving What You Do

Today was a wonderful morning. I have been having a rough weekend with issues from my ex-husband and the regular drama that can ensue there and I woke up to find that 2 Hive Members have their own blogs! You are all such an incredible inspriration and resource for me!

I have added them to my Navigation on the right but a huge shout out to Tracy and Avis for investing in their business! Today's homework is to read Avis' great post on Loving What You Do:

Monday, June 4, 2007

Finding your Urban Botanic treasure...

Karen Phelps never ceases to amaze me. When she has time to blog it's always worth the read. See for yourself today!

Don't forget to work on finding your hidden treasures...

Love ya Hive!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Turn Peronal Expenses into Business Deductions in your Urban Botanic business

Most small business owners have heard that they're supposed to get special tax breaks. The problem is, they don't know what they are or how to go about claiming them. Not surprisingly, the IRS doesn't go out of its way to spell it out for you when you go to file your income taxes!

There is a general rule in tax law that says all "ordinary and necessary" business expenses are deductible. I'll spare you the details about the arguments over this phrase, but suffice it to say that it basically means that in order to be deductible, an expense must be a legitimate expense that pertains to your business.

So what personal expenses do you have that could legitimately pertain to your business? Well, let's take an easy one: Subscriptions. Do you subscribe to your local newspaper? Can you deduct it? Well, do you need to keep up on your competitors' advertisements in the paper? Do you need to keep abreast of the job market via the classified ads to make you more effective at hiring and compensating employees? Any other reason you might need to read your local paper? If so, you can deduct it. Same with your local business journal, The Wall Street Journal, and various industry and trade publications.

Next is clothing. The IRS says any clothes suitable for wearing outside of work are not deductible as a "uniform." So a pair of blue jeans, or even a business suit is not generally deductible. But if your company name is printed on your shirt, jacket or other clothing, that item becomes deductible.

If you have kids, I don't have to tell you how expensive they are. Well, how would you like to deduct their allowance? The cost of their clothes? Heck, even the cost of their college education? If your kids work in your business, you can pay them reasonable compensation for doing so. So when Johnny needs a new pair of jeans and a leather jacket, put him to work! You give him a paycheck, he buys the clothes, and you've just turned a personal expense into a business deduction. The same can be said for building a college fund. If your children work for you, you can pay them and put the money in the bank for college costs. Note that even if your children are young, you can pay them to appear in an advertisement or brochure promoting your business.

Please note that the IRS will scrutinize payments to family members, so you must make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's. Make sure the kids actually work for you, that their pay is reasonable, and that you keep track of their hours, pay any payroll taxes due and treat them like any other employee.

Even your vacations may be partially deductible. Try arranging a trip around a business seminar in the location of your choice. There are usually plenty to choose from. Only the expenses for the time actually at the seminar will be deductible, but so will the airfare, many of the meals and much of your hotel costs. If your wife and kids work in the business and there is a legitimate reason for them to attend the seminar, their costs may be deductible as well. Keep in mind there are limitations on this technique, so check with a tax advisor before making your plans.

These are a few ideas that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your business. If you think about other expenses in your life, I'll bet you can come up with even more. Remember to consult a qualified tax advisor before implementing any of these ideas, be reasonable, and always make sure the expenses are legitimate. You have every right to arrange your affairs so as to result in the lowest tax you are legally required to pay. Just don't cross over the line of common sense and reasonableness.

About the Author:
Thomas Norton, CPA is the St. Louis based founder and owner of Thomas Norton & Company, LLC. Tom specializes in small business taxes and accounting, and is available to speak to your group on various small business and tax topics. For more information and to subscribe to his free monthly email newsletter that gives timely tax and financial advice, go to

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tradeshows And Networking Is The Lifeblood Of Industry

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First of all - today is Lauri Hetzer's 30th bday so a big shout out to her! Lauri you are an incredible leader, a great example and a true friend! We wish you the best day money can and can't buy!
Staying on the cutting edge of your industry is important to all business leaders. Having access to the latest technologies and innovations allows you to stay at the front of your field.
Many events are held each year by professional organizations in an attempt to bring together the main players of a particular industry and allow them to exchange ideas and build relationships. These events include conferences, trade shows, and informative lectures.

Trade shows are among the most common ways for people that are interested in networking. They generally take place in large venues where businesses are given their own space and allowed to set up booths and advertise.


Trade shows are a great way to meet people in the same field where a healthy exchange of ideas and methods can take place. This type of forum brings together people from different regions of the country that typically would not encounter one another.
These meetings can provide great insight into the main focus of an industry. Observing research trends and corporate interests can be a vital tool in discerning where the market is heading.
Meeting others in the same field or a related one allows businesses to develop mutually beneficial relationships. These associations can be the key to finding a cheaper supplier in the future or meeting new clients.

In addition to encountering new people, trade shows can provide the optimal opportunity to build on current relations. A client that left on good terms might be won back or a top-notch employee can be enticed away from a current position at a rival company.
The possibilities for networking are as endless as the options that arise with good connections. Making effective business contacts can be the difference between success and failure in the world of business.


A popular feature in many trade shows is a series of lectures. These talks are designed to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible on developments, trends, and new technologies.
If there is a problem plaguing the field, it might be addressed during one of these lectures and a discussion group would usually follow to try to determine the best course of action.
The possibility for education is a large draw for trade shows. Knowledge is the most important aspect of running a business. Being aware of how to manage a company and having the resources to compare it to the way other companies are being run is a valuable tool that can help successfully shape a business.

New Clients

Trade shows are not just open to people in the industry. Potential customers frequently attend trade shows in search of products and services. A trade show put on by members of the hospitality industry would be a great destination for some one planning a trip or an event planner. They provide many opportunities for a potential customer to ask questions and learn more about what is being offered.

Many companies who set up booths at trade shows offer special rates to attract new clients. These discounts make it possible for them to recruit new business and establish a much larger client base.

Showing Off

The interest that a trade show draws can be instrumental in marketing new products and services. This provides a businessman with the opportunity to see what the competition has developed and what they are offering.

Knowing what is being offered by the competition can provide insight into a company's inner-workings. Having this information can help you develop your business in the right direction to properly compete against them.

Trade show can be a valuable resource for customers that are shopping around. When a company is set up in a booth next to others, they can really stand out as the best available option.

People are attracted to shows that offer demonstrations. When preparing for an event or searching for a product, having many options and ideas to compare can make planning and decision making much easier.

Final Thoughts

Trade shows are a great way to interact with others in the field and get to know your competition. Properly displaying your products and services can make you appealing to new clients.

There are many ways to network and make mutually beneficial connections. Trade shows are a great way to meet people that may be helpful to you in all aspects of your business. It is also very possible to build lasting relationships whom you would not mind spending some of your free time.

About the Author:
Rose Bevington worked for the Chamber Of Commerce & helped with their trade show presentations, before becoming a professional writer. ( Impact Trade Show Displays has 20 years experience, with professional custom graphics development and large-format print production staff available to help you. They develop state-of-the-art pop up displays, fabric displays, panel displays, truss systems and more for their trade show and storefront clients around the world:

Friday, June 1, 2007

TSF on a View from the other side Part 2

Today's `view' came when my husband and I walked through a local Mother's Day craft fair at one of our neighborhood shopping areas. Among the twenty or so booths displaying everything from hand made jewelry to items of clothing - there was a home party consultant displaying her products. This particular company sells consumable items that I use regularly in my home and so I stopped for several minutes to take a closer look. The owner of the booth was seated behind her table in a lawn chair, chatting with the vendor seated next to her.

Despite the fact that I stood at her booth for several minutes, she never made eye contact, greeted me or stopped her monologue even long enough to take a breath. Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain whether she had products on hand to purchase or even to figure out what might be new this season just by looking at her display. Eventually I just wandered off, feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Booth situations are a wonderful way to expand your customer base. They help you to advertise your business and meet people beyond your own personal circle of family and friends. I am relatively certain that this was the goal of the consultant whose booth I visited last weekend. And indeed, she had all of the right ingredients - a tasteful display featuring enough, but not too many products, a clipboard with information cards, wonderful weather and many customers wandering by. What was missing was the consultant. Her booth, as lovely as it was, might as well have been unattended. As a fellow salesperson, I think she wanted her body language to say, “I don't want to be pushy.” However, to a potential customer, her body language said, “Leave me alone, I'm too busy and can't be bothered to talk with you right now.”
And so, because that day I was wearing my customer and not my consultant `hat', unfortunately the sale and a new contact was lost for this consultant.

- Just a view from the other side for your consideration.