Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blogging in the Big Time

Being a big fan of working mother magazine I'm pretty psyched to have been chosen to be one of their full time MOMBLOG bloggers. I figure this will be a great opportunity to have a lot of exposure on a site that so many Moms visit and hopefully get the word out on UB even more.

Kelsey has mastered finding blogs that really target our main market. She has had some really fast team growth with her Kenzie Kate and Design Mom success. It's fun to watch the weekly reports from Corp as to where hits are coming in from and how many. That report is definitely how I measure how much exposure something I'm doing is getting and be sure that it makes sense to keep doing it or try a different angle.

The biggest win is finding method that are completely free to you and to Urban Botanic to share the message and save your pocket book! Blogs, online articles, websites, etc. are great ways to do that and truly grow your team nationally.

Check out the teamburst site for email templates you can use to start yourself on the road to blogdom!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sexy Spring Scents for your Urban Botanic business

Spring is here and Ralph Lauren has some hot new scents out there that look promising for UB Fragrance Designers to come up with their own rendition. Ralph Rocks has some notes I truly adore myself!

Ralph Rocks Inspired by the independent, creative rebel, Ralph Rocks is an exciting, rebellious blend of vibrant fruits and creamy floral notes, soothed with warm amber, coconut milk, and sexy woods.

Notes: Passion Fruit, Humid Mist, Kiwi, Washed Citrus Accord, Dewey Green Palm Leaves, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Heirloom Hyacinth, White Coconut Milk, Sun Bleached Woods, Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood. Style: Bold. Vibrant. Energetic.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Approaching Store Owners on Urban Botanic

This last weekend was really fun. We had the opportunity to do an event at Inside Out ( and get to know the town of Snohomish, WA a bit. With all its history and character there are a lot of boutiques and day spas that would be perfect to partner with. (See below for how they put it on their site)

When passing through to find "our" boutique I went by a store called "Queen Bee." Obviously I HAD to go in and see what they had to offer so Kelsey and I walked down the street and to our surprise found it was closed. Next door to it was a cute boutique called Blooming Hearts. We decided since we'd walked this far we might as well go in.

Call it the "Law of Attraction" or just knowing how to present an opportunity we ended up talking to the store owners and they were very interested in what we had to offer and also in having an after hours party and perhaps a "Blooming Hearts" signature scent.

One thing that I've become fairly good at over years of practice is getting people to ask me questions. I found a darling blingy box that actually says Tomato Leaf on the front of it and is all sparklely. I knew that would be super cute at a Trade Show for an "Herby" Display and since it was only $3 I decided to pick it up. While we were cashing out I threw out this fishing line...

"This Tomato Leaf box is going to be perfect for my display!"

Can you guess what the store owner asked next? "What type of display are you doing? What is it you do? BAM! They're nailed LOL. They've actually given me permission to pitch them and I don't seem desperate or needy at all. I'm just explaining to them what it is we do, how everyone loves it, how we've just done an event at another Snohomish boutique and would love to let them "in" the family!

Kelsey was laughing when we left. "How do you do that?" she asked me. Honestly it's a closing technique I learned from Tom Hopkins back at event I attended with him. (He's a great salesman if you haven't heard of him)

Always get people to ask or answer a question. Make sure you get them to agree with you. One thing I always say to potential store owners is, "You've definitely heard of celebrities creating their own signature fragrances haven't you? (YES) Well we've cornered the market on "everyone" being able to have that same experience and you could be the salon/boutique/spa that brings this experience to ___________." (insert your city here)

I always be sure to compliment them and ASSUME (this is the good time to do that LOL) that they definitely want to be cutting edge and on top of this opportunity! People love to be recognized and feel in the know. You have the chance to bring something fresh, hip and fun that sets them apart from their competition. Take advantage of our brand while its still so new!

I am happy to roll play with any of you that have this type of opportunity and have a case of nerves. I'll be the shop keeper and see if you can get me to ask you questions and/or find a way to present the business to me without it feeling un-natural.

For those in The Hive who have had success with this (I know there are quite a few of you), please be sure to comment below and let us know how you seal the deal!
Also see Kelsey's blog today on her overcoming her fear!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Karen McGaugh - Oklahoma

Before you get to know Karen, I have to say she is my ying (or yang) and a very strong Hive Member. She keeps it real and always reminds me to think of the team as a whole. She's a great leader and I'm so thankful to have her in my life. I asked her for a fun pic and she let it all hang out! LOL - Thank you Karen for being such a great sport and making these spotlights SUPER fun!

I’m ecstatically married to my handsome (and newly bald) husband, Jeff and we have two kids. Avery (girl) was 4 in December and Quinn (boy) turned 3 on March 7th.

After 10 years of city living in Louisville and Columbus, we moved back to rural southeast Oklahoma where my family is. It can definitely be a challenge to build a business out in the boonies, but I’m giving it my best shot!

My birthday is January 26th, which makes me an Aquarian, and I am definitely representative of the sign.

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) with a bachelor’s in fine arts and from the University of Louisville with a master’s in educational and counseling psychology.

I’m currently a WAHM and I make my living as a freelance educational consultant.

I visit the forums constantly and one day I saw the banner ad on the screen. As soon as I looked at the website, I knew it was for me. I’ve never been interested in direct sales at all, but UB “spoke” to me. It was a product that I would buy and I’m a tough customer. Plus, I recognized the enormous growth potential and I wanted to be in on the ground floor.

I have an excellent support system. I’m so fortunate that my husband is 100% behind anything I do. My mom is also a big supporter and she often goes with me to parties to lend a hand. I’m very blessed in that way.

I really enjoy the UB forum on WAHM because I get so much inspiration not only from Hive members but from the greater Urban Botanic family as well. I hope fellow Hive members continue to share their stories as a form of support. What I can do for others is to be a sounding board and I can offer any tips or tricks of the trade that I’ve learned. If anyone ever needs anything, just ask!

I’m a definite leafy and I do agree with the leafy description- it fits me to a T. I do really enjoy a lot of the leafy scents; in fact, honeysuckle is my favorite fragrance in the bag!

I’m definitely not in this as a hobby. I’d love to label myself as a business builder and I’m striving for that, but I’m running into some unforeseen obstacles being here in no-man’s land. In reality, I’ll be very happy if I can make manager by this time next year. It’s my goal to be successful with UB as well as continuing to grow my freelance business.

One personality trait I have that helps to make me successful at UB is sincerity. I just don’t blow smoke about things- it’s not my style. I think people can immediately see that I truly believe in the UB products and the career plan. It makes them take the time to listen to what I have to say because, in the immortal words of Mr. Randy Jackson, “I’m just keepin’ it real, dog.” LOL

Shawna's Note: I asked Karen her favorite fast food...

I'm not a big fan of the fast food. Actually, my VERY favorite is Little Caesar's. I could eat their bread and sauce every day and not get tired of it. Does that count as fast food?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tip of the Day from Kristina Cottrell

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Make it a goal to add 1-3 names to our warm market contact list each day for 21 days so that it becomes a habit.

Some good examples: Leaving business cards or brochures at your beautyshop consistently because people need to see an ad seven times before they notice it.

Go thru the yellow pages and just use it to remind you of business people you may know but did not think about adding to your contact list.

Make 20 calls presentation calls, emails, update database, and do accountability report to your manager.

Hive Members: What are some other ways to add to your warm contact list?

Monday, March 26, 2007

WKRP in Cincinatti!!

Ok so that's not the actual call letters of the station but it IS an exciting radio debut for one of The Hive's finest - Lauri Hetzer! Want to here her live and in person? Visit the mp3 recording here:

This is super exciting stuff and Urban Botanic will continue to thrive from this incredible publicity! Lauri was a complete professional and though she thought she was nervous I couldn't tell a bit! Super congrats out to Lauri and an amazing start to her week!

Another update I had today was from Kristie Edelman in MA who had her 1st UB Party today. Her grand opening inluded a champagne brunch for friends and with 6 party goers she did a record $228 in sales! She'll surely have her kit investment paid off in 1 more party. SHOUT OUT FOR KRISTIE!

We went through what went great and what could've gone better but all in all she did amazing and I'm really impressed at how quickly she's picking up on evertying. Being remote can be a challenge but she hasn't let it stop her. She also had Alexis in MA come to her party to support and experience it and that was really cool! I believe she is either under Kim or Kiki's team but I love the fact it honestly doesn't matter, we are one big family and it shows.

Kelsey, Kris and I had an interesting experience at the boutique event. The crowd was very small but we had some awesome networking opportunities and really got to bond as a local team here in WA. I took them to dinner at the Cabbage Patch restaurant and Kelsey and I walked down to another boutique where I launched into a conversation with the owners and they too are interested in hosting an event and perhaps having their own signature scent as well. They also referred us to a couple of Spas in the area that would be perfect for what we're doing.

I'm looking forward to a strong end to March and hopefully more Hive members becoming Scentsational! Here's to a great week!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gift giving made easy in your Urban Botanic business

Fun advice from The Success Factory...

Shopping - not my favorite thing. In fact, my non-enthusiasm for shopping is one of the reasons I got started in direct sales. Somehow - I always have more fun and spend more money when I'm at a home party. I'm every hostesses' and consultant's dream customer because I'm the one who gets caught up in the excitement and consequently walks away about $100 lighter.

A few days ago, I needed a birthday gift for my sister in law. She's long distance and so, I don't always have a handle on what she might like. I found myself in this cute little boutique and where I was drawn over and over again to these “gift assortments” - already bundled and wrapped in cellophane and tied up with darling ribbon. It was great because someone else had done all the work for me. They'd put together items that made sense - were at a gift giving price (about $25 - $30) and then packaged them up so that all I needed to do was add a card.

What can YOU do at your parties and booths to make purchases easier and also appeal to those impulse buyers?

Springtime means weddings, new babies, birthdays, Easter - lots of gift giving needs. Why not consider some “bundles” to have on hand as impulse buys - cash and carry items - displayed right next to where you are totaling orders at your next party. Check online for inexpensive resources for cellophane and other gift wrapping supplies.

Remember, we are in the service industry - so the easier you make purchasing for your customers, the more you will sell.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The "Chicken List"

Are you thinking, or are you doing?

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Have you ever been surprised, annoyed, or angry to find out that a friend or family member joined another direct sales company? OR even worse, that they'd joined YOUR company but with another consultant?

If you've never had this experience, trust me, it is one of those true `kick in the guts' moments. It has happened to most of us at one time or another who are in direct sales. You've thought about this person, even imagined in your mind how the conversation might go as you approached them about joining your company. But, once again, you don't pick up the phone because “I don't want to be PUSHY”.

Today's challenge is to put together your `chicken list'. This is a list of people that you are chicken to ask to join your team. Be sure you put their phone number next to their name - that is the first step in `lightening' that 500 pound receiver.

Now, before you pick up the phone, think about why they would make a good consultant. Perhaps they are lots of fun, or a hard worker, or have lots of friends and a large circle of influence. Maybe they just need to earn an income but do it flexibly.

Why would your company be a good fit for them? Do they love the product? What things about your company do YOU most appreciate that might appeal to them?

Here's a script thought-starter:

“Hi Cindy, this is your cousin Sue - do you have just a couple of minutes? You have been on my mind and I've been too chicken to call you because I didn't want to appear pushy - but I am having such a good time with my home business - I wanted to talk to you about it.

I would feel terrible if I didn't share this information with you because you are such a people person, but I also want you to know that the most important thing to me is our relationship as cousins. I don't want you to avoid me at upcoming family gatherings. I'd like permission to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk with you about this just once, so that you know what I'm doing and then I'll leave it up to you if you would like to pursue things further - how does that sound”

Make the script your own and get going on that chicken list!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Treasure Mapping for your Urban Botanic business

“When the `why' is there, the `how' gets easy” - Jim Rohn

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Treasure mapping is an activity designed to help you visualize your goals. It serves as a concrete reference point that will keep your `why' in front of you every day.

A treasure map can be simple or complex. When complete the end result is a collage of pictures and/or words and phrases that help you to focus on what you want to be, to do, and have. The finished product can be small enough to hang on a bathroom mirror or it can be larger and serve as a focal point to hang in your office. It may be mounted on poster or core board or be pages of a scrapbook if you desire.

A treasure map is never set in stone. It is fluid and can be added to and amended as your dreams change and crystalize. Visualization is a powerful key in goal setting. Allow yourself the time and thought to do this activity. It will be time well spent.

Homework to do in advance:

Pull out some old magazines and page through them. Don't think too hard. Let your mind run wild and have fun fantasizing! As you browse, go through and cut out pictures and phrase that leap off the page at you. You might find phrases like “A place of my own” or pictures of a desirable vacation destination, a pair of running shoes (to symbolize a fitness goal) or even a graduation cap.

Optional and time permitting: Is there is something very concrete that you have been imagining about? Perhaps it is a house you pass each day that you would LOVE to live in, a new couch for your family room, or even a business to invest in. Get out your camera, take some photos…allow yourself to DREAM BIG!


  • Poster board of any size (or scrapbook if you desire)
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Colored markers (if you are feeling artistic)
  • Scissors
  • Magazines for sharing and continued “snipping”
  • Your homework (see above)

What to do:

Let out your inner child. Begin to edit and collage your homework onto your poster board or into your scrapbook. Even if you are not particularly “artsy” the end result will be a focal point that you can use as a powerful visual.

It will be a concrete reminder of your `why' that you will be able to reference as often as needed. When life and work become challenging, this treasure map will help keep you motivated from within. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

1st Quarter is Almost Over!

The beautiful spring weather gives cause to take a closer look at the calendar where we see - WOW - the first quarter of the year is nearly over.

It is time to access the goals that you set in January.

How are you doing? Take a look at your sales, recruiting and rank promotions - both personally and for your team. Are you ahead or behind? Were the goals that you set in January realistic or do they need adjusting?

Mid-March is the perfect time to re-access, reanalyze and look ahead. You still have three quarters of the year ahead of you. If you haven't already done so, put together a treasure map (or tweak the one you have already done). This might even be a great idea for a team activity at your next meeting. A treasure map is a HUGE help in goal setting because it helps you to focus not only on the goal - but the WHY behind the goal.

When the WHY is there, the HOW is easy - Jim Rohn

P.S. If you don't remember what a treasure map activity is, stay tuned. Tomorrow we'll do an “instant replay” of the email we posted a few months back on the `how-to's' of treasure mapping.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Catherine Javier-Wong - Virginia

I am married with a three-year-old daughter and a shih-tzu.
I was born and raised in Virginia, but have been fortunate enough to have traveled around the world. I especially enjoyed a semester abroad in Florence, Italy while a junior in college. My husband & I met at his house, but he actually fell in love with me (from afar) two years before that at the christening of my godson. Our funnest date was when he created "dinner and a movie" on his bedroom floor - picnic with fast food in front of the tv & dvd player :)

My birthday is on May 8, which makes me a Taurus. I’m a bull through and through, but a really cute one ;)

I have a BA in Journalism, but became a wedding planner. I burned out from that and went into childcare, until I became a full-time mommy. I love to make others smile, enjoy celebrity gossip, and have a (borderline obsessive) crush on Justin Timberlake.

The idea of an affordable custom fragrance was what drew me to Urban Botanic. Personalized perfume has always been on my “To Do/Have Before I Die” list, but was always TOO EXPENSIVE! However, it was the genuine enthusiasm and camaraderie on the WAHM message board that convinced me to join the UB Family

My support network is pretty skeptical with the exception of a handful of close friends – gee, I really have my work cut out for me! At this point, I’m not sure about the kind of support I need from fellow hive members. I am, however, really excited about the opportunity to introduce UB to the DC Area!

I scored the highest in Fruity, followed be Leafy. I always figured I was a Floral, but my results were right on the money! Woodsy came in third with Floral, Herby & Spicy in a three-way tie with the smallest percentage.

Where do you I see myself with Urban Botanic in the next year? Flourishing and so busy that I have to hire a personal assistant! (Or at the very least be successful enough to have paid for a maid and a couple family vacations…)

What is my one personality trait I think will help me be successful at UB? My (previous) skepticism that has turned me into a firm believer in the company and the product! That, and my witty sense of self.
If I were a candy, I'd be one of those conversational hearts exchanged during Valentine's Day because I'm a romantic, yellow (my Asian complexion?), and am a born communicator! Also, because they remind me of a happy childhood and can be mischievous...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ode to a 1st Urban Botanic Party...

I was so inspired after receiving this email and picture today from one of our newest members I had to share! Thanks Aimee for letting me indulge this on my blog!!!

In Aimee's words:

"Hi, ladies! My first party is over now. I am exhausted. I think it went pretty well. It was only my friend Kirsten, the hostess, and our friend Jen.

We spent FOUR hours playing with the scents, and had to wash the glasses(all twelve glasses) twice. :) They both bought the party special, and Jen also purchased a 6 oil MyScents kit! Score! I am really glad that this is the way my first party went--it was very very relaxed, gave me a good idea of how long it will take me to set up future parties, and I got a TON of practice with helping to get a really good final fragrance.

I made a suggestion for Kirsten to add some cucumber even though she wasn't crazy about it on its own to temper the fragrance she had going, and then she kept smelling her perfume and talking about how much she was in love with it!

Jen had a moment where she looked at me and said, I just want to warn you, I am going to spend a bunch of money. Like that would be a problem for me? :) All totalled, the party was just over $150, which I feel good about since it was only two people. I am feeling very good about this business right now. Go me! Yay!

Thanks for all the continual support and encouragement (clearly it is working),


Aimee has set the record for the company for being the 1st consultant to sell a My Scents kit on their first party so WAY TO GO! I definitely think that's also a record for a 2 person party in sales! We're all very impressed and your table set up (pictured above) was absolutely gorgeous. You and Kelsey are 2 peas in a pod on organization and presentation! I've taken notes on that one for sure!!!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Wedding Prospecting Idea for your Urban Botanic business

So for those of you that have not made use of Vista yet it's an amazing site. Not only do they handle postcards, invites, business cards, brochures, etc.; they give you free items all the time to give them a shot and pay for shipping only. This is my latest attempt to actually go after the Wedding Boutique Market. I've mailed these out now and will keep you informed on how this works out...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Basically this endeavour of 10 cards was around $4.00 + stamps to mail out. I chose boutiques in different areas that might be interesteed in adding this service for their clients or having an after hours workshop. I added my business card and mailed. I'm hoping for 1 or 2 to be interested. This should be a slower time of year for brides so I'm thinking they will be able to respond and we can gear up for May/June. I'll keep everyone informed. Feel free to leverage in your areas.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't assume other party plan consultants are pros for switching parties

Subject: Assume

Did you know if you broke up the word ASSUME into 3 parts (putting a hyphen before and after the letter “U”) that you get the definition of what happens when you assume?
Don't assume….it makes an A_ _ out of U and Me.

Often we coach new consultants who might be having a hard time getting their first parties booked to trade parties with a friend who represents another company. You know the deal… “I'll do a party for you if you do one for me.”

A fatal error we see made, that frequently leads to disappointing results, is that we assume that this person will do as good a job for us as we do for them. We also assume that this person (because she's in the business) needs no hostess coaching. After all, she knows what she's doing, right?

In fact, another party plan rep might need some EXTRA TLC to keep her excited and motivated. Stay in touch, get her wish list and most importantly, help her to put together a really, really large invitation list. Instead of the normal rule of thumb (invite twice as many as you expect to attend); better to have her invite 3 or 4 times the number.

Remember, she has probably already been selling to and inviting her friends and family to demonstrations involving her company. So, help her think outside of the box. Who does she know within her company that is in the area who might attend? What customers and hostesses of hers has she not been in touch with lately? Are their people on her list of contacts that might have not been potential customers for her product but would be better suited to yours?

If she's doing it only “as a favor to you”; that's probably not a very good motivation for her. In fact, it's a lousy one. She might want to consider donating her hostess proceeds to a local charity. “Doing” for someone else can be much more motivating and also helps her not feel like she's bugging her already existing customer base by inviting them again; because it is for a charitable cause.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Luck of The Irish - Urban Botanic's ROCKIN HIVE

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Check out our TeamBurst calendar and there is no "luck" about it. You ladies have been working VERY HARD! I love the calendar because it's so exciting to see who is doing what and how everything is coming together for The Hive.

I know a few of you have parties today but I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful St. Patty's Day and a special birthday hello to Kelsey Foster!!!!

Keep it buzzing!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

What an incredible week!

March is actually becoming exhausting in a good way. This week has been a major milestone for a lot of hivers and I'm so excited to share some high points...

  • Lauri Hetzer landed herself a Radio Spot on the 25th of this month. BIG DEAL!
  • Irene Macias landed a new partnership with Hair Garge in LV and is on the salon track and feeling VERY CONFIDENT - BIG WIN!
  • Kristie E has just come on board and already has 2 parties set and is hitting things off like a rock star! UBS anyone? - BIG START!
  • Ending the weekend with Irene and Karen both having parties - AWESOME END!

I'm so tired but so high all the time it's this dull roar that never ceases and I'm so happy to be in the "grow zone" and I know that things will continue to turbo boost. I was looking at the team overall right now and I'm so excited to say that have some great commission checks and with UBS closing up the 90 days for some of us I'm on track right now to make $900 in bonuses from that and also another $300-$400 in product commissions without counting the $400 coming in for the product I've just purchased and our big event on the 24th helping to make all that a reality. Honestly it's mind boggling!

The talent in our Hive is unreal. I want all of you for your weekend homework to check out Lauri's latest blog which is amazing and very timely for all of you starting off on your new parties!

Glean from her knowledge and experience and work the UB runway to success and great sales!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time on your hands…

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Look at your day. How do you spend it? What ruts have you gotten yourself into that you could easily break yourself out of? What poor habits are eating valuable minutes of your life every day?

What impact can a few minutes make? Take a look at this. What if you were able to save…
Five minutes by streamlining your morning routine (taking less time to dress, shave, put on makeup, drink coffee, read the paper, and so on)?

Ten minutes by eliminating the things you do each morning to stall starting your work or school day?

Five minutes by avoiding idle talkers or other distractions?

Ten minutes by taking a shorter lunch or break time?

Those minutes don't seem like much. But if you did those things every day, five days a week, for fifty weeks, you would gain an additional 125 hours of time every year. (That's the thing you want!)

And if you're a television watcher, you can double the time you gain each year if you simply watch thirty fewer minutes of television every day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Angie Davis - West Virginia

As I mentioned in an email to the group, Wednesdays are going to become Hive Member Spot Light Days! This will allow us to get to know people on our team better and relate with those that can help us achieve our personal goals!

This week's spotlight is on Angie Davis our Hive Member in West Virginia!

I am married to my soulmate, VJ, and we have two gorgeous kids, Luke (5) and Cassidy (will be 3 on Easter). We live in Fairmont, WV. My birthday is Sep 24, never mind the year. I’m very, very busy right now with several “projects” at once. I babysit 3 days per week, I work at a toy store 1 day a week (and get to take my kids to work with me), and I volunteered for a major project involving a prison ministry that is demanding a lot of my time. I promised God that I would do His work and let Him bless my UB biz! I also have Noah’s Ark on the side too, I wanted to quit, but then I got a few calls and my husband will not let me turn them down.

When I saw UB for the first time on I was interested because Cheryl the moderator of wahm was involved and I figured she knew a good thing when she saw it being so involved with wahm. Then, when I saw what it was, it was love at first sight! I raised the money on Ebay to buy my kit and the love I have for UB is growing steadily!!

My friends and family are not very supportive. It’s because I’ve tried so many businesses previously and had a couple “train wrecks”. My husband has not been onboard and has jabbed negative statements in frequently. However, we have had a recent breakthrough! We watched the movie, Facing the Giants, this week and I related the movie to how I viewed my UB biz and he admitted to being negative and said that he would start praying for my biz instead! Now the in-laws I will just have to ignore!

I am definitely a business builder! I am a free spirit who wants flexibility of a home biz! On the one hand, I get to be with my kids and on the other, I get to be ME and achieve goals which is great for building self-confidence! I think women have a tendency to accept their circumstances and they also forget that they aren’t just someone’s mom or someone’s wife, etc.

What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB?

Hmm…I think honesty. Honesty as in being real. I think that people respond to someone who doesn’t put on an act, but is truly real about the product and opportunity. I will tell the good and bad—not that I have any “bad” for UB.

If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

Well, Wonder Woman HAS ALWAYS been my favorite superhero--I use to fight every week with my sister over watching it (she didn't want to) back when homes only had one TV. I really don't know if I care so much about her powers as much as I would like looking like her WHILE I fight crime! I need to be much taller (I'm 5'2") and now I also need to be much skinnier to fit in the suit.
An embarrassing moment happened when I was wearing that costume. It was a snowy Halloween and I had to wear a long coat. When I got home with my roommate and her boyfriend, I stood over the heating vent and opened my coat while talking to them--not realizing that my boobs had fallen out. My roommate actually lunged toward me to shield her boyfriend from seeing the sight.
Fun question from Shawna:

If you were on a deserted island what 5 items would you bring?
My family (I'll count them as one "thing" since it's my questionnaire), my Bible, fresh water, a fully furnished tree home, and a Target store.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Assuming" as it relates to recruits

Great info from The Success Factory...

We talked about “assuming” with regards to hostess coaching. Today, we will talk about assuming as it relates to new recruits on your team.

One phenomenon we frequently observe in the party plan business is representatives who “hop” from company to company. We at TSF call this “the grass is always greener” syndrome (for lack of better terminology).

When you sign someone who was formerly with another party plan company, it is important to chat with them about their experience with that company. Once again, don't assume that they necessarily know what they are doing. Chances are good (especially if they were with that company for less than a year) that they don't.

Remember, if they had been experiencing success and satisfaction in the company they were at, they would have stayed. Even for consultants who were long time reps with another company it is important to realize that every company is different. Terminology is different, compensation plans are different and product is different. While certain aspects (such as hostess coaching and recruiting) require the same skills company to company; we can never assume anything.

Treat every new team recruit with equal respect and give them equal time, attention and training based on their goals. Be aware of difficulties that they might have had with their previous company and offer the best your company has to give. Some will find the success in your company eluded them in the past, and some will hop again elsewhere because again, the grass looks greener on the other side of yet another fence.

Just as we “sort” to find customers, hostesses and recruits, we “sort” to find quality team members. If you know you've given them the same attention and information that all your new team members get, then, when and if they choose to move on, you have nothing to feel badly about. You only need feel badly if you ASSUMED they needed no attention because they were with another company in the past.

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Hive Talkin" Highlights

What a fun call we had tonite! Thanks to the following Hive Members for joining:

Kelsey Foster - WA

Angie Davis - WV

Denise Eloundou - MN

Mary Ann Hansen - TX

Karen McGaugh - OK

Lauri Hetzer - OH

Cat Javier-Wong - VA

Irene Macias - NV

I can't wait until the day we're like Karen Phelps with over 300 people hitting her lines to get on the call. That will be the day!

We unveiled the new call name "Hive Talkin" with a small snippit from the BeeGees song "Hive Talkin." That will be our theme song for the call from now on. I think everyone had a good time with that and Kelsey was our winner in coming up with the call's name. Her reward? A 30 day ad on to continue adding to her incredible team!

Kelsey also will be enjoying her new Burberry Purse Set (pic above) as she hands out her business cards in spring pink plaid. This reward comes from being the most successful recruiter in The Hive for Jan/Feb. CONGRATS!

We had a great presentation on getting the most out of your business card by Angie Davis. Please see Team Burst (files) for the low down on this incredible tool (I've posted her document there).

We also went through the Hive Point System (see Team Burst as well for this doc). Hive members will be allowed to earn their way to greatness through having parties, recruiting new members, and participating on calls and blogs! (See today's question at the bottom of this blog to earn your points now!)

By tomorrow night I will be sending out the "Boutique/Salon proposal document" that Irene Macias in Las Vegas has so kindly put together which every team member can utilize in putting together local partnerships and making it easy to bring on potential distributors!

To catch the rest of our fun convo please call into the replay at (641) 985-5009 Access Code: 805628#

Have an incredible week busy bees!

Question for the day: For those on the call, what was your best nugget of info? For everyone, what would you like to see covered on future calls?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Using Holidays as a Great Marketing Tactic in your Urban Botanic business

Great advice from Cheryl Thompson, Marketing Guru, and Mary Foley, Brand Expert for

Cheryl's birthday is July 4th.

Imagine - her Mom was on her way to a Fourth of July party with the potato salad and Cheryl decided to arrive in signature style. She's never celebrated with a birthday cake - it's always a watermelon. Cheryl's niece used to think that the entire country was celebrating her Aunt's birthday with fireworks and picnics. Only a niece can think her Aunt is that important!

Mary's birthday is February 17th. She was her Dad's birthday present when he turned 29 years old on February 18th, the very day after Mary was born. Ever since then they've celebrated their birthdays together.We know this is supposed to be a tip about branding and marketing. And it is. Because for every customer you have, they have a BIRTHDAY. And every birthday, is a marketing opportunity. Not to mention every Anniversary, Valentine's Day, and every other special event throughout the year.

You can even buy a book that lists all kinds of celebrations. It's called "CelebrateToday!: More Than 4,000 Holidays, Celebrations, Origins, and Anniversaries" by John Kremer. So, how can you use a personal celebration as a marketing opportunity? Well, first let's suggest what you DON'T DO.

Don't do what so many silly insurance companies have done. They send Cheryl a card on her birthday that she knows they have never signed, or even looked at because it was sent by the big direct mail company somewhere in the sky. Bigwoo. Do something personal. Do something that speaks to your brand. One of our clients, Claudia,, specializes in Brazilian bikini waxes (ooh la la!). Wouldn't a daring red thong in a beautiful box be simply perfect as a birthday surprise? Claudia's clients aren't wearing the big, white Grandma panties. She could even import these straight from Brazil making the gift even more authentic. Plus, she could include a special birthday offer of half-price on their next waxing.

An easy idea just about any business can do is send a Happy Birthday gift certificate for your store or service, to encourage them to come to your store or website during the week of their birthday. Make it a meaningful amount and give them specific suggestions on how they can use it. Plus, make sure the certificate has an expiration date. We suggest no more than 30 days. We all love celebrations and a very personal one, birthdays, is a wonderful way to connect with your existing customers and create a marketing opportunity that's appreciated.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reminder - Hive Call Sunday Night

HIVE Con Call - Exciting Agenda!

Winners have been chosen for 2 things that will be announced on this call!

  1. Naming the Monthly Conference Call - Our winner will be revealed and a 30 Day WAHM Ad will be her reward!
  2. Recruiter of the month! (January/February) - A Burberry Purse Set will be awarded to our top recruiter for the first 2 months of 2007. Who will it be?
  3. We'll be covering the New Hive Point System that will allow members to earn free business essentials and advertising on the Queen Bee's purse strings ;)
  4. Welcoming our new members - those that can make this first call will get a special hello and advice from the best of the best!
  5. SavvyMommy.Com Announcement
  6. UB Scentsational Shout Outs
  7. Simply Home Nationwide Ad
  8. Media Kits - Featured Hive Members
  9. Buddy System
  10. The Hive Five Questionnaire for potential consultants

I'm looking forward to a great team call. We are 1 away from having 20 in The Hive and being the largest team in the company (we are tied with Kiki currently on members). I know we'll have another 4 joining in the next 2 weeks and I'm so ecstatic I can hardly sleep at night!

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7000

Participant Access Code: 805628#

Friday, March 9, 2007

Keeping it Real at your Urban Botanic Parties

Subject: Keeping it real

Here are a couple of quick thoughts to consider when doing your parties.
No matter what product line you represent, chances are good that you LOVE what you sell. Given that it would be easy for us to ramble on and on F-O-R-E-V-E-R about what products we love. Did you know…most people would really like to sit and listen to you for just about 30 minutes and then you lose them? So….what happens when we ramble?

a) People get bored and fidgety and are LESS LIKELY to book a party with you if they are afraid they'd have to submit their friends to the same LONG presentation.

b) THE JOB LOOKS TOO HARD to someone considering the business…
Simple and duplicatible. That's the key to success in this business! The biggest fear most people have is standing in front of a group of people and talking. If you are talking too long, that's even MORE for them to fear if they are considering the business.

Here are some ideas for “keeping it real” and making your job look attractive to someone else.

Let your guests talk! If someone at the party already owns and loves some of your products, let her sell them to everyone else, friends will buy from friends more easily than a “salesperson”…(HELLO…recruit her later of course!)

Don't be too slick! It's OK to make mistakes. Don't memorize the item numbers of all your products. It's even OK to forget a product name or two. Can't you just hear them thinking… “if SHE can do this than certainly I can do a better job!” YES THEY CAN…there's method in our madness!
So tell me Hive Members! How do you "keep it real?"

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Creating a Lead Box for your Urban Botanic business

Fun lead generator info from Daily Direct Sales Tips...

A lead box is simply a box wrapped with a tablet of paper that people can sign with information on them for a drawing of one of your products. (This can also be a fishbowl) There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Ask permission to set one up -make the shop owner a booking hostess and for ever person she books, she will receive a percentage off or free product. Leave them up for a week or so and then pick them up. Call each person who signed up. Put information on the outside of the box like "register for a free drawing for_____.

  • All information must be filled out completely to qualify. The drawing ticket asks for name, address, phone #, email address, I am interested in earning free merchandise by hosting a show, I am interested in fundraiser information, I am interested in receiving a brochure, I am interested in information on becoming an independent consultant with (company name). If the shop owner is acting as a booking hostess, leave brochures with her.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Kelsey Foster - Washington

Hi Ladies! We're starting out with Spotlight Wednesdays on my blog and I wanted to begin with one of our great Hive Members Kelsey Foster! Please ask her any other questions using the comments feature!

Read below to get to know Kelsey EVEN BETTER!

1. Tell us about yourself! Are you single, married, kids, where do you live, when is your
birthday, etc. etc.

I’m Kelsey Foster, born and raised in the Seattle area. I currently live in Edmonds in a house with my two kids (daughter Quinlon age 5, son Deacon age 2.5), my husband Jeremy, and our three cats Cheerleader Party Cat, Baby Tippy Toes, and Digit Louise.

My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. I’m a Pisces but you probably couldn’t tell unless you really get to know me – lol.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration and an Associates in Applied Art in Graphic Design. I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer for 10 years. Currently I’m the marketing communications director at a private school in Seattle. I’m also a partner in a pet accessories company called PetCandy.

I love designer handbags, cooking & decorating, chocolate, Cosmopolitans, good coffee, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, singing karaoke, and playing Texas Hold’em poker. Along with spending time with my darling kiddos, good friends, and family as much as possible.

2. What caught your interest in UB and what made you decide to pull the trigger and SIGN

I stumbled onto UB one day when I had Googled an old friend and somehow ended up clicking on Shawna’s page on a business networking site. I spent about a half an hour looking through her UB website and fell immediately in love with the concept and the business model. My gut instinct was to sign up as fast as possible.

3. What kind of support network do you come from? Are your close friends and family excited
for you with Urban Botanic? Skeptical? What can fellow hive members do to support you
or gain support from you?

My parents were skeptical at first but seeing the success I’m already starting to achieve, they are coming around. However, I wouldn’t necessarily count on them to be supportive (they just like to hear the good stuff). My husband totally believes in me and that I’ll be successful at whatever I put my mind to. My cousin (who is also my business partner in PetCandy) is very supportive and believes in me as well. Between the two of them, they help with my children when called upon so that I can focus time and effort on my UB business.

4. What were your results on the personality test? What is your strongest scent family and
do you agree with the results?

I’m a total Type-AAAA personality and a bit of a drama queen. So it was absolutely NO surprise that I came out as a Spicy followed closely by Woodsy (except for the outdoorsy stuff – I don’t really “do” outdoorsy). Then in descending order was Herby, Leafy, Fruity, and Floral. By contrast, my mom was lowest in Spicy and Woodsy….hmmm…it explains a lot about our relationship.

5. Where do you see yourself with Urban Botanic in the next year? Are you a business
builder, in it as a hobby, or somewhere in between?

I see myself going very far with UB. Being part of such a young company, I feel like there is unlimited potential for all of us. I am very serious about building my UB business and being an active member of the Hive. Ideally I would like to not have to work for someone else (if I choose to) in about two to three years and just do UB along with PetCandy.

6. What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB?

I can’t just pick one. I’d say my sense of humor, my business acumen, and tenacity. Along with being a people person, enthusiasm, and competitiveness.. and… (just kidding, I’ll stop now).

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Good Advice from Success Factory

Consultant Question to Success Factory:

This is a good space for all the people like me trying to grow the business. I have been in a company for four years but I really don't know what else to do. Sometimes I am afraid to call my customers; some other I don't know what do. I have been reading your comments for two or three months and I have learned a lot. What I am really looking is for new leaders on my team. Thanks for this space…Claudia

Dear Claudia -

Thank you for writing - we are happy to hear that you are enjoying our tips.
I'm going to do my best to “read between the lines” of your question and answer as best as I can.

It sounds like you are frustrated because your business isn't growing as rapidly as you'd like it to be and that in part this might be due to some non-consistency in your work habits.
Sometimes when consultants are afraid to call their customers it is because they think they are being PUSHY…(that terrible P word). The best way to get over that fear is to FAYC (Forget About Yourself Completely). You obviously love your company and the product or you would not still be working your business for four years.

Take a moment to think about what excites you about what it is you offer. Most likely you have some new products or promotions that you can talk to your customers about. Ask yourself how they (THE CUSTOMER) will benefit from these new offerings. Once you determine that, in your mind, it will make the phone easier to pick up. It's about THEM not YOU. Also try to remember that you are SORTING not CONVINCING.

It may or may not be a good time for them to buy or join and that is OK. It is your job to get permission to phone them again. Try saying something like - “Would you like to hear from me again when we are offering other new products? And if so, may I call you again (next month or in the summer - whatever you decide between the two of you)…put the customer in your calling tickler and call her back then starting with “I promised I would call you this month when we talked last February…”

If the customer would NOT like to hear from you - this is a GOOD THING. I always thank a customer for their honesty because I don't want to waste their time or mine! And I always encourage them to call me again should they ever need my services in the future. It is wonderfully freeing because then I stop beating myself up for not calling this person - does that make sense?

If you are looking for new leaders on your team, then you probably need a shot of new consultants. Put your focus on recruiting for the next six months. New leaders most often come from new enthusiastic team members. Think about running some recruiting promotions within your already existing team as well. You never know where your next leader will come from - someone YOU recruit or someone your TEAM recruits. Some of my strongest team leaders are people I'd never met until they joined under someone else on my team.

I hope you will consider ordering our CD set. Listening to these as you are driving in your car is a great way to help you stay motivated and focused on your business. Always remember that your car is a rolling classroom!

Monday, March 5, 2007

When you can't change your team, change your team….

Great advice from the Success Factory. We're still pretty new but this is great advice to live by!

This is a saying that gets bantered about our industry every once in a while and to a certain extent it is true. Our best sales and recruiting results usually happen from the new blood that comes into our team. When we are in the growth cycle our energy is high and the ripple effect on our organization is very positive. However, there is something to be said about the “old blood” as well.

Many years ago, the founder of our company kicked off a National Convention on this very topic. She talked to us about the difference in the amount of energy it took to service already existing customers vs. the energy expended in finding new customers. AND she was quick to remind us that our very BEST and most valued customers are our TEAM MEMBERS.

I have a couple of friends in the business who seem to be always “changing their team”. They have done this for years and are becoming very weary of the process. I can only imagine! I decided to resource a friend who has been working her direct sales for a quarter of a century. In all my years in party plan, I have never known anyone quite like her. She has a track record of maintaining existing team members longer than anyone I know - the foundation of her organization is rock solid. From that rock solid foundation, she successfully promoted many leaders who, in turn built rock solid foundations of their own based on what was role modeled to them.

Her tips are very much the same as the ones we offer you - however, I would like to summarize them into one email point by point.

Regularly (bi-annually or quarterly) sit down and goal set with team members. Goals must be tangible. Ask team members what reaching this goal will mean in a very concrete way, to them and to their families. How will they feel when they reach this goal? What steps must they take to get there - break the steps into monthly, weekly, even daily activity. You and SHE must write this information down and YOU get permission from HER to remind her of this goal on future coaching calls.

The consultant MUST share these goals with her family. They need to know what's in it for them and what she needs from them as far as support to reach this goal.

Family/Business balance is KEY and YOU are her role-model in this area. Family first…if you are on the phone with a consultant and her husband/kids walk in the door - end the phone call making a plan to call her later. This will help her husband and children know you are all in this together - that you respect their family time.

Do not tolerate conflict within your team. If there is conflict amongst team members, it is imperative that you direct the two consultants in conflict to talk to each other (and not gossip to others) to resolve whatever difficulty is happening. Do NOT allow conflict to poison your team.
These are wonderful points. And please understand - of course you always want to continue to recruit to bring new consultants on board, however - the above points will help you to solidify and work well with the experienced consultants on your team. These team members are golden and should be treated as such.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A different way of looking at NO

Print out a Sheet with 100 No's. Each time someone tells you NO, cross out one of the NO's. Set yourself a goal of getting all 100 No's crossed out within the next 30 days. (No Kidding)

If you want to see your business explode with growth, take this little exercise seriously. Here's a hint that will make this easier. Triple up. Ask someone to:

1. Become a representative ... If they say NO, cross a NO off and ask them to

2. Become a Customer ... If they say NO, cross a second NO off and ask

3. Give a Customer referral ... If they say NO again, you've already got 3 NO's!

You'll never be better at getting NO's than you are right now. The more you do this, the tougher it becomes to get those 100 NO'S. You'll find that a YES will creep in there every once in a while. Don't let the occasional YES distract you from your primary goal of getting those 100 no's.

Imagine the look on your neighbor's face when she tells you NO and you respond, "Gee thanks. I've only got a few NO's to go and I'm finished for this month. I was afraid you were going to say YES there for a minute."

Don't take this exercise lightly ... it works! Get those NO's now while it is still easy for you to do so. Don't wait till it becomes difficult for people to tell you NO! That time will come soon enough.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

5 Tips to Staying Focused When Starting Your Urban Botanic Business

Have you decided to start a home-based business? You may be juggling a full time job,a part-time job and family life. You know that there are many things you need to do in order to successfully start your business and work from home. How are you going to fit your business project into your daily commitments?

It's easy to become overwhelmedand lose focus. Losing focus will cause you to take no action. Action is essential to moving on from where you are now, to where you want to be. Here are 5 tips to stay focused on starting your Urban Botanic business:

1. Chunk down.

If you have a large task to tackle, it is always easier when you break it down into smaller components. You'll find it easier to focus because you won't feel as overwhelmed. For example, 'Register a business name' can be broken down into: 'Think of five business name ideas', 'Find out how to register business name', 'Get registration form' and so on.

2. Keep a 'to do' list

Once you've broken down major tasks into smaller ones, make and keep a 'to do' list. Always keep a notepad and pen with you so that you can jot down any new ideas as they arise.

3. Schedule your time

Every evening, decide on three to five tasks on your 'to do' list that you wish to accomplish the following day. Stay focused on these tasks and only move on to thenext tasks on your list once these have been completed.

4. Set goals

There is nothing better for staying focused than setting goals. Visualize exactly where you want to be in a month, six months and a year. In a month's time, do you want to have registered a business name and got all your equipment set up? In six months time, how many clients do you want? How much revenue do you want to generate in a year's time?

5. Say no

Be assertive and carve out more time for your business project. Saying ‘no' to that extra demand by your boss every once in a while, can get you home one hour earlier a couple of days a week. How about cutting back on the amount of housework that you do? Imagine how you could channel that extra time into your business.

If you put these five tips into practice, you'll definitely find it easier to focus on and achieve your ultimate goal of working from home.

Friday, March 2, 2007

There really is NO Urban Botanic Competition...

As I read the following article I was AMAZED at the cost being charged for "custom" perfume. It really is a miracle how are process allows women to create and experience their own custom scent without being a millionaire.

First let's look at the Body Shops rendition of a My Scents Kit...

Custom Scents
Celebrate your big day with a personalized perfume created just for you Brides express their style in almost every element of their nuptials, from bouquet to dress to favors. But why stop at the obvious? If ever there was the perfect occasion to indulge in a one-of-a-kind bespoke fragrance, your wedding is it. Especially now, since it's possible to have a signature scent made without breaking the bank. Here and in the gallery, explore some olfactory options.

The Body Shop Invent Your Scent In one handy case, nine vials of fragrance (from citrusy and floral aromas to more exotic spicy and musky ones) allow youto create as many as 362,880 possible combinations. If you need a little guidance, the Body Shop's Web site suggests some mixes for you ($30 for case or $16 per 30 ml bottle;

Click here to see their kit for yourself. I honestly believe that they just have you "spraying" each one on top of each other to create. It's NOTHING like our My Scents with the vial and actual product to infuse!

They do actually carry about 19 perfume oils and it looks like the unscented product is around $16.00 but that's for 1 oz. So we are still much more competitive on the pricing and our customer get the biggest value which is US! To help them create in their own home making sure they love their results before purchasing.

Check out this custom made scent. A lot more high maintenance with a price tag to match!
Creative Scentualization Online Fragrance Journeys Fill out a personality questionnaire at (sample query: "What is your favorite color?"), and three custom blends will be mailed to you based on your answers. Then select the one that's right for you ($35 for the three samples, plus $36 for .5oz of the perfume you choose;

So basically they could have almost 2 party specials and make sure they didn't have 2 duds doing it our way. The personality test is a nice touch LOL. Sound familiar? The issue is that the customer has really "no say" as to what they're getting. Possibly you could be out $35.00 and not want any of them. Afrobella actually blogged about both of us on her blog back in Dec/Jan time frame and loved her Just Baked scent vs. the option.

Jo Malone Fragrance Combining Salespeople for Jo Malone, a purveyor of fragrance and skin-care products in London, will work with you to layer two or more colognes into a pleasanty complex personalized concction ($50 per 30 ml bottle; at select Neiman Marcus stores or for boutiques). So how complex can it really be when you're just layer 2 scents on you? SERIOUSLY!

Bond No. 9 Demi-Custom Blending A scent specialist will help you combine several of this prestigious line's 27 offerings, all named for N.Y.C. neighborhoods, into a lush multilayered potion that suits your sensibilities. You also get a copy of the recipe as a keep-sake (from $300 for 2 oz.; at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores or or 877-273-3369 for boutiques).
A keepsake recipe? What's more keepsake than actually having your recipe on the bottle? Ad $300 just made me run the other way :)

Aftelier Custom Perfumes In a 90-minute face-to-face session (or by mail), Mandy Afel, a perfumer based in Berkeley, Calif. presents you with dozens of natural essences to consider in synthesizing your scent. Her trademark: fresh, refined formulas with vintage overtones ($900 for a .25 oz. bottle and .25 oz. of solid perfume in a serling-silver tin; Aftelier Custom Perfumes, 510-841-2111). So now we're getting more the realm of a friend of mine. I love her to death but trust me. She'll be more interested in this set up JUST BECAUSE it costs $900 and won't smell any better. It's the fact that she can SAY it cost that much that will make her feel good about herself. Sorry to say but there IS a market for that.

Miller Harris Londoner Lyn Harris of Miller Harris- known for its citrus, fig and woodland perfumes- will spend a full day with you at her stateside boutique (inside Saks Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C.) to find out your aromatic preferences, then devote up to six months to creating your exclusive fragrance (in-person appointement required, $10,000 for 30 ml; 212-940-2145).
I seriously have to wonder how much money Lyn Harris actually makes a year. Unless she's doing this for the stars, I would think she'd need to charge that just for the few people a year that really get into this. Now I know that for the rich it's a drop in the bucket, but middle income america makes up 80% of the dollars spent so I'm happy that UB has that niche!
And by the way I'm a huge fan of Fig so interesting that she's "known" for that!

So what have we learned today about custom fragrance? Well, I hope the following:

  • It's hot and it's now! People want to be unique and beautful and not a copy cat!

  • It does not need to cost thousands of dollars to smell like a star and we help facilitate that.

  • There is a huge market for it and we just need to continue to tap into it everywhere we can!

Keep up the good work team and continue to spread the UB mission!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A "Secret" Inspired Evening In a Dog Biscuit...

I'm tired. Very, very tired. I should be in bed with my husband sleeping and conoodling BUT I can't. I'm trying to type in my excited stupor from the incredible connections I made tonite. It seems next to impossible sometimes when you're driving to an event and think to yourself - My son needs me, my husband needs me, I want to crash.

Then you remember that every time you actually put yourself out and really are inspired to attend an event, it's God's way (or the universe or whatever you believe) of rewarding you for that last ditch effort. Tonite was tough. I had to commute an hour to the event after a LONG and arduous day at the office to the Ladies Who Launch monthly incubator meeting. One good thing is they make you pay $300 your first year to join and then $150 every year after to stay in. For that kind of dough you definitely feel the heat and obligation of attending. What I got out of it tonite (my 1st actual meeting I made) was worth my yearly fee and then some!

To preface this a bit, I had done the long commute and was driving my husband's F150 Ford Truck because my car is in the shop from my Valentines Day wreck so trying to parallel park that bad boy in downtown Seattle is like, well - A NIGHTMARE. And it took me 30 minutes to find parking all the while saying to myself, WHERE IS THIS DUMB PLACE?

Luckily they had fresh Mexican when I arrived and miniature cupcakes to sooth my stress so I managed to calm down. I sat right in the front row and begin to laugh at myself. These women at the event all own boutiques, they are skinny, gorgeous, wear their own clothing and jewelry designs, and are freaking hot! I was in my yellow rain slicker, the outfit wasn't my worst, all black to fit in but no body to go with it if you get my drift. Oh my hell I forgot my dress shoes and was wearing tennis shoes. Not good when they have on black boots up to their hips. You might think WHO CARES? Well THEY DO - trust me! First impressions are everything. So what saved my bacon and got me to 2nd base with these women? My passion of being a fragrance designer and letting them know what "I" can do for "them."

Elise is the owner of in Seattle. She's beautiful, single, and married to Lily her dog breed that starts with a W and a pic of her is above (I better figure this out soon fyi). If you check out her website you'll see her client are dog lovers over the top. Her facility even has webcams so if you're out of town, you can view your love via the website and know they are safe and happy. They have grooming, clothing, the works. What they don't have? A signature fragrance for their pup and matching fragrances for owner and pup.

I explained to her the ingredients in the parfum spray and how there is no drying alcohol and she can test it on Lily to make sure it's all good to go. I let her know to not spray it near the eyes and to make sure to keep it on their back coat and not undercoat so they don't end up licking it off. I'm sending her a sample for Lily and going to see about monthly workshops for pet and owner to create their own fragrance and also having them utilize it in their grooming procedures. I almost died when one of their treatments was an Urban Bath or something with the word Urban. Can UB be anymore perfect? She actually brought "human grade" doggie treats with her card which I won't be eating but they are darn cute.

On a "human" note, another newcomer to the meeting was a woman starting a Party Planning business. She heard me speak and came right over to catch up. "Can I have your card Shawna?" - OH YES! I was meaning to talk to you as well! Here are some party ideas for you to consider and put on your menu - Tweens, Bubble Bath parties, and of course Ladies Night Out. She loved it and will take the personality test and give me a call and try it out herself!

All this folks in a 2 hour meeting and MORE TO COME! My doggie daycare is also being featured on a REALITY SHOW! Can you believe they'll be spraying UB signature fragrance on TV!? I'm dying.....