Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attitude is EVERYTHING

We just got back from dining out with my family for Sunday dinner - a rarity as our busy schedules make it difficult for everyone to be available. The restaurant was a favorite - one where, historically, we knew the food and service were good…usually.

Our waitress today, was very competent - every order was correct, delicious and the food delivered in a timely fashion. However, hard as we tried, we could not get her to warm up to us at all (and we are a friendly bunch). She had a drill sergeant attitude in the way she greeted, took orders and served our lunch. It made for a most uncomfortable situation whenever she came to the table. We managed to have a good time, nonetheless, but it really tempered the afternoon a bit - her attitude was a dark and cloudy as the cloudy, rainy day outside.

It made me think how important OUR attitude is when we do our parties. Often, getting our families settled into dinner or homework and getting ourselves out of the house in a timely fashion can leave us tense, crabby and frazzled. If we are not careful, that attitude comes right in the door along with our display of samples.

Here are some tips to help you arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed and ready for FUN!
1) Cut down on stress by being sure your car is packed up the night before your party or in the morning. This will leave one less thing to worry about when you leave.

2) Have two or three “standard” demonstration outfits that you always wear - this avoids a last minute clothing crisis.

3) Consider hiring a neighborhood teenager as a mom's helper to smooth the transition time as you depart.

4) Cook double so that on the nights you are working, you already know what dinner for your family will be - pull out that crock pot!

5) Know where you are going in advance! Double check the directions your hostess gives you online so you aren't stressed if you are traveling somewhere unfamiliar AND so you know how to get home!

6) Be sure you have a cell phone in case of emergency.

7) Carry a great CD of upbeat `traveling tunes' in your car to chase that departure stress away and get you pumped up for a great evening.

Remember, packing a great attitude is as critical as your samples in order to have a successful evening! If you are having fun, they will have fun. And if THEY have fun, why wouldn't they want to join your TEAM?!!!

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