Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Calling back…

From The Success Factory...

Thanks for your email tips newsletter. I love receiving the frequent encouragement, advice and tips for building my business. Here's something I've struggled with since starting my direct sales business and maybe you have advice that could be shared in your tips newsletter...You contact someone who is expresses an interest in hosting a party or hearing about the business opportunity. The first time you call, you get the answering machine. How many times and how frequently do you contact someone and leave a message for them on their machine if they don't return your call(s). Also, do you have a specific message that seems to be effective in getting their attention and enticing them to return your call? Thanks again for your help.


Dear Rhonda - Thanks for your kind words and great question. This is one that befuddles many of us all the time.

First of all, when it has been agreed that you will call someone back, do your best to schedule a specific time. It sometimes helps if you have made an official “phone appointment”.
Secondly, if someone seriously would like to speak with you, ask if they wouldn't mind sharing their cell phone number with you or if they work during the day, can you talk briefly to them at work.

Thirdly, I have yet to find the secret message that can be left on an answering machine that gets someone to call back (TSF would be a Fortune 500 company if it owned the rights to THAT one!)

I believe, however, that you should definitely leave some kind of message because so many people now have caller ID, they will be able to see that you have called even if you don't leave a message. I usually identify myself, say that I had promised to phone back to talk about (whatever), give the date and time and leave my phone number. Then I ask that the call me (knowing full well they won't) but say that I will call them again in several days if I don't hear from them. Depending on the urgency of what we needed to discuss, I will phone back in several days or about every 7-10 days; varying my time and day of the week until I reach them. I always leave a message identifying myself. If it has gotten to be quite a few calls (like 4 or more) and I've still not connected, then I usually leave a message that says something to the effect that I'm really feeling like a pest and that's the last thing in the world that I want. Please, if you wouldn't mind, will you just leave a message for me on my voice mail (less threatening than talking to me in person) and let me know one way or the other if you are still interested. Thanks for your help!

Try not to take the fact that NO ONE returns calls personally. If you really think about it, you probably do the same thing. I know I do, and often it is a return call to family members that I ignore. I really think that between email and cell phones, people are SO bombarded with being “in touch” all day that it can be difficult to get back on the phone at night or when they are spending time with family.

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