Monday, September 8, 2008

SUBJECT: Recruiting - 100 great tips! Part 1

One of TSF's most requested topics is recruiting. So…for the next 5 days, we will be sharing a potpourri of 20 “quickie tips” a day (in no particular order). WARNING: Trying all these tips at once may be hazardous to your health!!!

1) Whenever possible, give your product as a gift.
2) Ask every single customer if they would like to join you in your business.

3) Promote your business as a “family” business and give examples.

4) Remember your customer's children and spouse's names
5) Don't be pushy; sincerely and honestly tell potential recruits why they would be good at this!

6) Leave your old catalogs in public places with “Help Wanted” stickers

7) If someone feels they are too busy because they are already employed outside the home, tell them they can be the “on-site” consultant for your company.

8) BE EXCITED about what you do!
9) Indirect method of asking “Do you know of anyone who might be interested…”

10) Follow up within 24-48 hours.
11) Keep information given simple and to the point.
12) “Take away” method of asking… “I don't know if this would be right for you, but this has been the best thing for me and my family…”

13) Put business cards in all of your bills.
14) Have a recruiting message on your answering machine.
15) Laminate a kit flier to pass around at your parties.
16) Put recruiting information in every hostess packet
17) Send recruiting information out with every catalog
18) Give recruiting information to every guest with their catalog and order form.

19) Use your products
20) Ask guests at parties lots of questions about themselves to determine needs

MORE quickie tips tomorrow!

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