Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the road again… (TSF)

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I may have mentioned that my husband and I love road trips. We love road trips so much, in fact, that this year in just the last 8 months we have put over 20,000 miles on our mini van. You may think we are nuts and sometimes we wonder the same thing given the current cost of a gallon of gas. However, our family is a bit spread out at the moment. One daughter is attending school 900 miles away and our son (who is now moving back home) has been living 1400 miles away but not in the same part of the country as our daughter. So, there you have it.

Recently, a good friend of mine and her husband (who leave next week on a road trip to a family reunion) asked me what in the world we do on these road trips to keep from terminal boredom. One of the things we enjoy, I shared, was books on CD. Yes, she and her husband had thought of that but were appalled to find that an audio book they were interested in was retailing for $30 on To her SHOCK and surprise, I suggested that she might enjoy checking out the audio book for FREE from her local library. I say SHOCK because apparently my friend and her husband NEVER realized that the library checks out more than just print books.

Many of you are saying ‘duh’ at this point – however – I consider my friend to be someone in the know. That said, since SHE had no idea, we thought perhaps some of you might appreciate this tip as well.

Your automobile is a rolling classroom. It’s your choice. Flip through the radio stations OR ‘read’ a business building book as you drive. It’s a great way to maximize the time you spend on the road and I have found it to be far less distracting than using my cell phone. Visit your local library and visit the non-fiction audio section for some great books on tape that will cost you ZERO dollars.

P.S. Many libraries let you reserve and renew your books online AND offer MP3 downloads of audio books as well!

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