Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where in the World is Shawna?

So as I look at my last post I realize it's been WAY too long since I've updated the blog and I apologize. There are many excuses but no one need to hear them ;)

I am reinspired with Urban Botanic as I've just received my first shipment from the Scent of the Month club! OMG the Harvest Pumpkin is amazing. My entire home really smells incredible. I must say the blended scents for the SOTM are INSANELY good. I know McKenna also mentioned that if I had enough people on SOTM that I wouldn't have to do parties regularly as with 100 people on SOTM you have your $1k in volume! So I think she said something like if I blitz 22 parties I'd sign up enough people for SOTM that I'd be done if I "wanted" to be! I'm sure I may have messed up some of what she had said but I do know basic math. 100 people on SOTM and I'm good to go! 25 on it and I make my every other month volume for commissions every month!

I'm serious when I say that the SOTM scents are amazing. I'm actually on pins and needles to get November and December now. I'm hosting Christmas Eve so I'm excited to have everything be perfect for my husband's family and for my White Elephant Gift I'm giving them a warmer!

I've also been working with a new blogger on the Home Fragrances. I'm very excited to get some traction again there for some online sales. I just had an online $200 order from someone who took the personality test so I know that works. I quickly ordered $50 in volume after that and made my volume now for the month! LOVE THE WEBSITE!

Anyway - I'd love to hear any success stories you're having with SOTM! Look for an updated newsletter as well from me and a more active role again - I know I can get $1000 in Volume every month from this club. Already waiting for orders to come in from some of my Die Hard party folks :)

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UB Inspire said...

Shawna, Count me in! It's the 4th quarter and I want to see what I can accomplish in the next 90 days!