Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hive Member Spotlight - Kim Murray - Michigan

Hi! Kim Murray here!!! I'm married (happily for 14 years, together almost 19 total). 3 sweet boys, Parker who is 10, Connor who is 6 and Cameron who is 22 months. We live in Livonia, MI. I'll be 38 on October 19 (1970).

I was driving home one day from a home show (different biz) and thought what would be fun...."Wait, I know. What if guests could create their own perfume scent.....that'd be cool." Decided to look into starting up my own little biz, and after a bunch of research found U.B. And figured...awesome...my work has been done for me!!!!!! Called McKenna, and she mentioned the new kit would be out soon, and have been waiting since late March/early April to sell when the new kit launched.

Have great supporters......husband tends to get in on the act and help out at home with the packing, contacts, etc.

Rest of my close family...they're excited with anything I do...lol...but they don't really (maybe once to get me going, but their money is all tight).....but support they do. I've been in Direct Sales for over 13 years....12 years with partylite, 4 years with my own start up boutique shows. Have a good customer base, and just willing to try anything new that sounds fun....but mostly if it sounds "unique" and profitable. I like to be the "new kid on the block" with the newest and coolest company. I like building from the ground up and watching it grow. So this is exciting. I think that because I like to see women "LOVE" what I have to offer, this is an easy fit for me.....seems fun! Was a leader in partylite for 11 years, loved it, but was just time for a change. (was making more money in my personal biz with my boutique shows, and with kids I had to give something up).

Personality test.....thought I'd be spice all the way, but it was a tie spicy/floral (which usually I hate floral...but I DOOOO like some of UB's florals a lot). Fruity was a close second. So ya, thought it was pretty on.

Where I'll be in UB. I'm a business builder for sure, but right now I find myself somewhere in between till I catch a breeze, then I'll fly if it suits me well. Right now, I envision myself doing AWESOME! I'm a self motivator and like working at things I like....have done if for so long, I'm good at delegating and setting work hours and committing. Like to work at my own pace (usually that's at fast pace), but like to take rests too. Balance is good.

I'm often called the "entrepreneur" of the bunch. I think my past experience will be a major plus! but because I have "stick-to-it-ness"....that's a good trait for home based businesses. It helps keep me excited cause its fun to watch a biz. build from the ground up...and I love helping the gals around me make a great income and have fun....so sponsoring is fun too for me.

Shawna's Note: Welcome Kim! You sound like the perfect addition to The Hive and we're so excited to learn from your past experiences as well!


NaturallyTru said...

Hi Kim...welcome. I just signed up last month and am over on the other side of Michigan (GR area). We'll take this state by storm!

Catherine @ Urban Botanic said...

Welcome to UB and The Hive, Kim!
Cat :)