Thursday, July 10, 2008

Team Meetings

Purpose and Importance

Training and continuing education
Friendships - a major factor in people's longevity in the business
Date, Time, Location

For the purposes of consistency, choose a date and time that remains unchanged month to month (ie; the last Monday of the month at 7pm)

Duration of a meeting should be 2 hours. Begin and end ON TIME!
Choose a central location that is easy to find.
At the beginning, meetings may be small an held in a home
First goal is to move to a meeting room at a restaurant or library
Ultimately, grow your team large enough to meet in a hotel room.
o We encourage all consultants from one area to meet together; there is power in numbers!

Key Ingredients of a successful meeting

Appeal to each personality and learning style
Remember to include in every meeting:
~ Fun!

- Skits, music, scavenger hunts, auctions, drawings, games (ie; BINGO, involving product), ice breakers
- Make and take group activities

Personalizing product
Creating recruiting binders
Hostess or recruiting posters to display at Celebrations or booths
~ Training on the basics

- Selling, including all the elements of a Celebration
- Recruiting
- Training should be done by top performers. Use traditional lecture format, role playing, or skits.

  • Recognition

    Recognition should always come from you as the leader

    Keep it simple; it is not necessary to know everyone's stats

    “Stand up” recognition in some of these suggested categories: Sales, Recruits, LLL Clubs, # of Celebrations held and highest dollar sales at a Celebration. Be creative, recognizing activity as well as results!

    Top performer in each category tells how they did it in the form of one “quick tip”

    Prizes - people love them! Consider having a small gift basket of goodies or business supplies for top performers to choose from

    ~ Product Knowledge

    Key component of each meeting
    Gives consultants confidence for their presentations
    Insures consultants will continue to be their own “best customer”
    Educates consultants on product whether or not they actually “own” the product.
    Ideas for product knowledge

    · Brainstorm new ideas on product usage

    · Share ideas for “add-on” sales and cross-selling ideas at Celebrations

    · Everyone share about their favorite product

    ~ Company Information

    Ensures all consultants are aware of dates, deadlines and details of all current company promotions

    Presentation in the form of a skit or role play keeps things fun!

    Keep this segment of the meeting short; 10-15 minutes tops. Defer additional questions to “post” meeting time

    ~ Motivation/Inspiration

    Every meeting needs a “heart-tug!”

    Who has a story to share; a personal experience or an experience shared by a customer? How has a product made a difference in someone's life?

    Have someone give a report from CANI material.

    General odds and ends

    o DON'T do it all yourself! Enlist the help of other leaders in the area and other upcoming stars.

    o People are more likely to attend a meeting when they have a job to do.

    o Presenting at a meeting gives consultants the opportunity to grow in their leadership skills and strengthen their personal business skills. This is also a form or recognition!

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