Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The advantages of inclement weather

One of the good things about the inclement weather that January and February brings to many parts of the country is that you have a better chance of reaching your customers on the phone. If the weather is lousy, people are usually indoors.

These months are the perfect time to go through your data base and do follow-up calls with everyone you sold product to in the past year. Use your time wisely. In addition to re-connecting with them and asking them specifically about how their products are working out - make good use of your time by covering the following points:

Solve any product issues

Ask for re orders and/or be prepared to share any current related product specials.

Find out when this year your customer would like to hear from you to:

Order more product

Book a party

Join you in the business (be prepared to share why NOW is the best time to start!)

Use the weather to your best advantage. January and February are the months to line up your calendar for the entire year - so don't miss the opportunity that bad weather brings.

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