Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is your New Year getting off on the right foot?

In addition to making 5-10 customer service calls a day, this week put away 2007 and make sure you are all set up for 2008. WARNING, don't get so side-tracked on this project that you forget about those all important customer calls!

Here are a few things you may want to get at the office supply store:

1) Banker's boxes for storing last year's customer files

2) File folders for this year's files

3) 2008 calendar

Take last year's files and put them in a banker's box for storage. You may still need access to these files so don't put them too far away! In a separate banker's box, gather all your (now sorted) 2007 information so it will be ready for your accountant. You will also want to keep this box handy as this month all your end of the year statements will be rolling in and your accountant will need those to prepare your taxes.

If you already have an organization system in place for files, then just replicate it for this year. If you don't, the following list is a suggested set of files you may want for 2008.
Also, label one file folder for each month, January through December 2008. This will be for each month's customer/master orders.

Business/Home file folders can be labeled as follows (yours may vary, these are suggestions only):

Auto (gas, repairs, tolls, parking, car payments)

Bank Statements (consider separate file folders for each account)


Computer expenses (including software, cable bills and website bills)


Credit Card Statements

Gift Certificates





Mortgage (or rent)

Office Supplies



Travel (airline expenses, meals while traveling etc;)


Take an hour or two to organize now, and you'll save yourself mountains of time all year.

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