Thursday, January 3, 2008

Farewell to 2007

I know I've been pretty quiet these last few weeks and I think I've been silently praying to make it through the end of 2007 because December has probably been THE worst month of all for this year and I've been dreading it terribly.

Here is pretty much the sum up of December for my family:

  • Flip House basement floods and causes over $3000 worth of damage

  • Hubby redoes all the baseboard trim in flip house garage and roof leaks and ruins all the paint job.

  • Horrible flooding and storm in WA causes Beach House to be out of power for 1 week. Entire refrigerator defrosts and leaks in kitchen. 4 hour drive to clean up mess and handle everything.

  • Due to financial situation with 3 houses, hubby and decide to NOT exchange Cmas presents

  • 12/30 my cat went to the vet because she wouldn't stop throwing up

  • 12/31 at 11pm we put her down due to kidney failure from bad genetics :(

So you can see I'm VERY happy 2007 is over. There were a lot of great moments but I'm happy to say that 2008 has already started off well and I'm hoping to REALLY enjoy this year and have it be successful for all of us! Get cracking on your UBS goals!

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