Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Aladdin Factor - Why we don't ask for what we want

I don't like to shop. This has always been a weird concept for people to grasp because I am a woman. Some people believe that as a woman, part of your DNA is programmed to NEED to shop and spend money as a source of enjoyment, entertainment and excitement.

One of the reasons I don't enjoy shopping is that if you get something home and it doesn't work or fit, you have to take it back to the store and return it. I have never liked to return things. I'm not exactly sure what I am afraid of - probably a potential for conflict. But the bottom line is that if you don't shop, you don't have to return.

Well, you can imagine my interest when the first chapter of the Aladdin Factor addresses the whole issue of asking for what you want. There are actually REASONS and BARRIERS that keep people from asking and consequently settling for a not-so-great meal at a restaurant, a job that is less than fulfilling, even from getting help at school. It amounts to a life of settling for less than you want or deserve.

The five barriers are:

IGNORANCE (We don't know what's available or possible)

LIMITING AND INACCURATE BELIEFS (Programmed by our parents, school, media)

FEAR (Fear of rejection or looking stupid)

LOW SELF-ESTEEM (My needs are not important)

PRIDE (Fear of appearing weak or needy)

Not only will this book transform you as a businessperson, but also as a parent, spouse, child, volunteer, etc; It will change how you look at things forever!

Recommended Reading
The Aladdin Factor

Anything is possible.... if you dare to ask! Personal happiness. Creative fulfillment. Professional success. Freedom from fear -- and a new promise of joy that is yours for the asking. We have the ability at our fingertips to achieve these things. It is the Aladdin Factor, the magical wellspring of confidence, desire-and the willingness to ask -- that allows us to make wishes come true. Now bestselling motivational authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen introduce us to the Aladdin Factor -- and help us put it into effect in our own lives.

The Aladdin Factor helps us by pinpointing the major stumbling blocks to asking -- and teaching simple techniques to overcome them. With inspirational stories about people who have succeeded by asking for what they want, this book shows us how to turn our lives around -- no matter what kind of obstacle we face. And with this knowledge, we can reap the riches of a truly well-lived life -- a treasure that comes not from an enchanted lamp, but from the heart.

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