Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the wonderful designers that are also Mothers, I hope you enjoy a special day and this great blog on commitment. Motherhood being the ultimate commitment of course!

Happy Mothers Day

Subject: Committing to the Commitment
By Dr. John C. Maxwell

At the age of 67, Thomas Edison watched as fire destroyed much of his work and equipment. Time to retire? To hang up the lab coat?
No way.

“All our mistakes are burned up,” the inventor said. “Now we can start anew.”
There is a time to quit, but Edison knew his time hadn't come. The fire that consumed his work didn't destroy the fire that burned within him to continue his work. Edison's commitment remained.

People tend to associate commitment with emotions. If they feel the right way, then they can follow through on their commitments. But true commitment doesn't work that way. Commitment is not an emotion; it's a character quality that enables us to reach our goals.
Emotions go up and down all the time, but commitment must remain rock solid. A solid team - whether it's in business, sports, marriage or a volunteer organization - must have team players who are solidly committed to the team.

Let's look at four things every team player needs to know about being committed:

Commitment is usually discovered in the midst of adversity.

Commitment does not depend on gifts and abilities.

Commitment results from choices, not conditions.

Commitment lasts when it is based on values.

Commit to your commitments and goals today!

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