Monday, May 19, 2008

A Servant's Heart

In yesterday's mail, we got a flier and a business card from the realtor who sold us our house 14 years ago. She moved back to the area after living several years out of state and, due to the recent death of her husband, is re-establishing her real estate practice. It brought a smile to my face and the thought that she'd definitely get our contract if and when we sell our home.
In our town, as in most communities, there's no scarcity of realtors. This time of year, the For Sale signs on homes and empty lots are as prevalent and varied as the spring flowers. Rarely a week goes by without a mailing from some local realtor. Why, after all these years, would we remain loyal to Maureen? There were several factors, all related to our current topic of SERVICE.

~ She asked good questions related to our needs in a home and showed us homes that fit the criteria we provided.

~ She stayed in touch, followed up and returned our calls promptly

~ She was polite and professional, always arriving on time and always prepared for our appointments.

~ She always answered our questions and when unable to do so, got the answers we needed in a timely fashion

~ She was always happy to see us

~ She didn't give up, despite the fact that it took over 6 months to sell our old home and find a new home.

~ She took a personal interest in us, always asking after the kids by name as well as networking with our businesses. This behavior continued even AFTER our closing.

~ For the duration of time that she practiced in our area before moving away, she stayed in touch, even showing up at our door with a Christmas gift each year.

Wouldn't you agree, that most, if not all of the above practices could be transferred to our party plan businesses? The most basic guideline you can follow is to treat other's as you would most like to be treated and to remember that when you truly maintain a servant's heart towards your customers, hostesses and team members, you will be richly rewarded.

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