Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The “R” word…

The “R” word - I think you know what I'm talking about - Recruiting (also called sponsoring, signing someone up, getting someone happily involved in the business, etc;)

However you describe it, we are talking about building a team and it is something that some consultants avoid when they first join the business themselves. In fact, some consultants never do begin to build a team. More often than not, those consultants do not last long in the business.
We sell three products in party plan. We sell our products - the items featured in our catalogs and on our company website, we sell hosting - the opportunity to get products for free or at a discount by having a party and finally we sell the business - the opportunity to earn money by selling the products as a consultant.

In our business we are unique in that we can give ourselves a raise anytime we want. We can sell more products either by increasing the average customer order or increasing the number of guests at parties. We can also find others who would also like to join us in the business - the R word - RECRUIT.

One of my uplines once said that we should all walk around with a penny in one pocket and a quarter in the other. The penny represents the money we make selling product and the quarter represents what we make when we build a team.

So, if ultimately more money, residual income, is to be made by team building, why is “Recruiting” a dirty word to some people in this business?

As always, a mini-series is in the works and this one is on the phenomenon of recruiting. Even if you are an ace recruiter yourself, we hope you will tune in as you may have team members who are not recruiting. We plan to help you understand why.

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