Thursday, May 1, 2008

When life throws you a curve ball…

Life happens and sometimes, we get thrown a curve ball. A job layoff, an unplanned pregnancy, a divorce or separation, challenges with children, a serious - even life threatening illness, or even the unexpected death of someone close. This is life and life happens.

Suddenly this crisis, whatever it may be, moves into your life and begins monopolizing everything. Your time, which was already at a premium, becomes more precious than ever.
How do you continue to work and grow a home-based business when crisis happens?
As with most of our tips - we write from personal experience. So…what DO you do when `life happens'?

1) First and foremost allow yourself some time to process, grieve and regroup. The beauty of being self-employed is that you don't have to ask the boss for time off of work.

2) DO communicate what's going on with key people in your organization and your home office if need be. It's OK to ask for help.

3) DO allow others to help you. If they want to cook a meal for your family or take over some of your duties temporarily - let them!

4) DO let the non-essentials slide - this is a great time to let go of any tendencies towards perfectionism that you might have.

5) DO make use of a laptop and cell phone if possible. This way you can still do business from wherever you may need to be.

6) DO make lists and use pockets of time. You can be very productive with a 15 minute pocket if you have a list that you are working from.

7) DO cut yourself some slack. This may be a time of re-assessing your goals at least temporarily and that too is OK.

8) DO surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts.

Now more than ever this is SO important. The power of prayer is amazing - try it if you haven't and don't be afraid to ask others to pray for you.

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Michael Walsh said...

Good inspiration. I believe we tend to try and do it all, even when we are going through a very difficult time.