Friday, May 30, 2008

Recruiting- The Recruiting Appointment

Yesterday, we reminded you that recruiting someone requires the same skills as booking a party. That said, you need to become as comfortable doing a recruiting appointment as you are doing a party presentation. As with anything, practice makes perfect. You will probably have to have some “wipe outs” before you get good at it, but your first couple of parties probably had some hiccups in them, right? Don't be afraid not to be perfect - just go for it!

One great format to use when doing a recruiting appointment comes from a great friend of TSF and longtime party salesperson, Barb Montgomery. Barb calls this the 7-step recruiting appointment. It is a great one to use because you can actually put a key word from each step on a 3x5 note card and carry it with you to the appointment to help to keep you on track. The whole appointment should be 30-45 minutes in length. Here is how it goes:

Step 1 - Build rapport. This is easy - take a few minutes as you arrive to warm up to your prospect (just as you would in any social situation). Compliment her on her home, ask about her family, what has she enjoyed about past job experiences - whatever. (Write the letter “R” or Rapport on your note card)

“Sub-step” before going on to Question #2 - Let her know you will be talking about the benefits of the business, how we make money, where to find business, support and kit options. Ask her if she has any additional “burning questions”**

** (This is important because if you don't give her this opportunity - she may have an unstated question that will weigh so heavily on her mind, she won't be listening to the rest of your presentation)

(Write the word “QUESTIONS” on your note - card or the letter “Q” or “?”.)
Step 2 - Talk about the benefits of the business and find out which of these are the most appealing to her. Some examples are: Flexible scheduling, Be Your Own Boss, Unlimited Earning potential, Great Products, Friends, Recognition, etc; Then ask her which of these benefits appeal to her most? (Try to get her to identify two benefits).

(Write the word “BENEFITS” or “B” on your note card. You may also want to list the benefits on the back for your reference)

Sample transition statement to Step 3 - We all love what we do and the great thing is that it isn't a volunteer job - we actually get paid to do what we love! Would you like to know how you make money in this business?

Step 3 - Explain how we make money, briefly and simply. Again, this will be unique to each company. Get help from your upline or recruiter if you feel unsure as to how to easily explain your company's career plan.

(Write the word “MONEY” or “$” on your note card.) Make any additional notes on the back if you need them.

Sample transition statement to Step 4 - Let's talk for a moment about where you will find business, OK?

Step 4 - Where to find business. Think about questions that you can ask her to help her discover for herself all the people she knows and the contacts she has. AGAIN - we are doing the SAME JOB - use your Hostess coaching skills here. Some sample questions might be - tell me about your life. Do you currently work outside the home? Do you have family in the area? Do you go to church or are your kids in activities? THEN please BE QUIET and wait for her to answer. By saying, see, you know lots of people - you will be reassuring her that she will not have problems building a business.

(Write-Where to find Business or WHERE on your note card)
Sample transition statement to Step 5 - The great thing about our company is all the training and support you will get, no matter where in the country you live!

Step 5 - Talk about the support she will receive from you and from your company. You might want to show her your company's web page (if accessing a computer is convenient), a sample newsletter or a piece of training information. Let her know that she is not alone out there - there is lots of help available.

(Write- HELP on your note card)
Sample transition statement to Step 6 - Show her the kit options that your company offers.
Step 6 - Kit options

Some companies have only one kit and some have several. If your company has several options, be prepared to suggest a good choice for her. If you only have one type of kit, just show her what she will get and then move right into

Step 7
(Write the word KIT on your note card)
Step 7 - CLOSE

This is the most important step of all. You can do it in a variety of ways
Discuss payment options (deposit vs. payment in full, check vs. charge)
Or simply say something like- So, what do you think? Or How does that sound?
(Write the word CLOSE or the letter C on your note card. DO NOT AVOID or DELETE this step. It is like doing a party and leaving without taking orders!)
FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK and help her begin listing names of potential customers, hostesses and recruits. Schedule her Grand Opening party!

Build rapport - get her questions
Talk about the benefits
Talk about how you make money
Talk about where to find business
Discuss support and training
Go over kit options
CLOSE and get her started!

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