Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Responsibility and its Organizational Implications

Victim Mindset

I view myself as separate and disconnected from situations as they occur. Circumstances and events happen to me. I belive there is nothing I can do to affect the situation.~Resist/Complain/Blame~Enroll others in negativty~False alignment/sabotage~Do Nothing

Responsible Mindset

I view myself as an integral factor in all situations. Every situation occurs and/or unfolds as it does in some measure as a direct outcome of my actions, non-actions and interpretations.I belive there is always something I can do to affect the situation. ~Cause a breakthrough~Inspire others to take a new action~Create a new outlook on the facts~Explore possibilities

The Trium Group

TSF loves The Trium Group's interpretation of the difference in having a victim mindset and a responsible mindset when building your business and your organization. Remember a leader with a positive outlook means you need to get OUT of the problem and INTO the solution!!

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