Monday, June 16, 2008


Patricia writes -
Just starting out, did really well the first 2 months, now am at a standstill...I have trouble convincing people who are guests at a party to book a party....I do, but, its here and there not consistant....I need Help!!!!!

Dear Patricia -
Congratulations on your new business - we wish you the best. Thanks for your question - it is certainly one that many struggle with.

We have two thoughts -

Number 1 - Remember, we are in the `sorting' not `convincing' business. If you feel as though you have to convince people to have a party, then you will turn into that pushy sales person that no one wants to deal with. Your job is to effectively sell people on the benefits of hosting one of your parties. Work to do this 3-5 times during the course of your presentation in subtle ways like pointing out one of your popular items and mentioning that as a hostess you can receive it free or greatly discounted.

Number 2 - In order to be consistent with asking each and every person to host a party - during your introduction tell the guests that you will give them FREE SHIPPING on their order if you neglect to ask them to host a party. THAT WAY - it makes YOU accountable and also helps them to expect the question. Soon, asking every guest to host will be a habit for you and we think this will help with your challenges over consistency.
Thanks for writing! -TSF

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