Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer FUN and Business FOCUS - Part 1

Can FUN and FOCUS co-exist in our home based business during the summer months?
With the kiddos home from school, schedules are altered. The neighborhood pool beckons, BBQ's and picnics are aplenty, family vacations loom ahead, etc; The FUN is just waiting to begin. Who wants to think about focusing on business?

Well, this year marks my 23rd of having a home business and I am here to tell you that the answer is ABSOLUTELY! You CAN have a fun business and still have a business focus in the summer. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and INTENTIONAL planning.

Here are some strategies for working with your children home during the summer.
1. Re-think your office hours. Consider making them shorter (for example, just two hours in the morning each day Monday through Friday). The kids are usually fresher in the morning and can do chores or entertain themselves. After lunch, they will be ready for the day's activities.

2. Speaking OF the day's activities - I always found my children were much more cooperative when there was a `carrot' each day related to good behavior. For example, if Mom can make phone calls for two hours, then we will go to the pool, zoo, or park after lunch. For smaller children, you may need a smaller block of time and also make use of the kitchen timer.

3. When taking your children to various activities, don't forget your `traveling office'. An expanding file works nicely. Stock it with business cards, catalogs, order forms, recruiting applications and be sure your party calendar is with you as well. You never know where you might meet a new potential customer.

4. Logo wear is a MUST in the summer. Get out those tee shirts, caps, and tote bags. The key is to BE SEEN!

5. Summer is also a great time to start to break in new babysitters in the form of Mom's helpers. There is nothing a preschooler likes more than a gregarious 10-year old to play with while mom is working.

Tomorrow, we will share more ideas for FUN and FOCUS during the summer months.
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