Monday, June 2, 2008

Recruiting part 3 - Are you ready?

Yesterday, we discussed how to avoid that PUSHY feeling and also had a brief mention of Green Flags. Today we discuss another reason some people do not recruit -

Reason # 2 - I am not ready!

v What if someone expresses an interest in the business…NOW WHAT?
Ø I have NO idea what to say
Ø I have NO idea how to do a recruiting appointment
Ø I have NO idea what paperwork to fill out
Ø I have NO idea what I would do with someone who joined my team
Sound familiar?

Maybe these are not your personal fears but read this email with two sets of eyes please and think about the people on your team. Some of them have any or all of these questions with regards to recruiting.

What to say…The biggest mistake we all make, especially as new consultants, is that we say TOO MUCH! Especially if we have learned to identify Green Flags (see yesterday's email). Someone asks us a question about our business and we LAUNCH, leaving our poor `victims' with hurricane hair. Remember, we have one mouth and two ears! When someone asks a question about your business such as, “How many nights a week do you do this?”, feel free to answer BRIEFLY and then say… “I'm curious, why do you ask?” then please CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and wait for the answer. It will be hard, but do your best!

How to do a recruiting appointment-tomorrow's email topic.
How do I fill out the paperwork - obviously this is unique for each company. Please check with your recruiter if you are unsure and then PRACTICE filling it out so that you are comfortable! Sounds silly, but it's a smart idea!

What do I do with someone who joins my team? Again, training is unique to each company…your job is to educate yourself (via your recruiter or upline) as to what training resources are available through local meetings, the internet and conference calls. Also, (of course), get them subscribed to our FREE tips! As a new recruiter, you are the first resource to your new team member for any questions she may have. Don't worry! If you don't know all the answers, there is a good support system in place via your upline management and the company so use it!

Obviously, it is important also to have recruiting information and materials stocked as part of your business supplies. Carry this information with you wherever you go, just as you do your hostess information. YOUR GOAL is to become as comfortable signing new team members as you are scheduling parties. REMEMBER, we do the same job, same job, same job! If you can sell your product, you can book a party. If you can book a party, you can sign up a new recruit. These are all the same skills, you are just selling different products!

Learn to be a listener!
Read tomorrow's email for tips on recruiting appointments
If you don't know already, learn about what paperwork you need to fill out to sign someone up.
Check out your company's training information
Be a good buddy to your new team member, answer what questions you can, and get help with the questions you can't answer!
Remember that we are ALWAYS doing the SAME JOB!

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