Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer FUN and Business FOCUS!

Yesterday we talked about how to stay focused while enjoying the fun of summer with the kids home from school.

Today, we will share a potpourri of ideas to help you to be intentional about enjoying your summer AND keeping your store open.

Think OUTSIDE the box. Summer is a great time to try some new theme ideas for your parties. There's nothing better than a girl's night out, complete with margaritas to give your home party pizzazz! Tell your hostess you'll bring the salt and the limes!

Bring plenty of catalogs to stamp with you to those swimming lessons and soccer games - it's a good use of your time AND a great conversation starter.

Taking a road trip with the family this summer? Be sure you have a supply of old catalogs with you to leave at the rest stops along the way. Include a sticker that says “For a current catalog or information about earning some extra income flexibly - call …”

Summertime means fairs, festivals and farmer's markets. Vendors are always welcome. Booths are a wonderful way to branch out and meet new customers so be sure you don't miss these great opportunities.

How about organizing a neighborhood block party? What a great way to meet your neighbors and find out who else is running a home based business. You might even consider offering to put together a local directory to help folks be in touch.

Feeding your mind in the summer is easier than ever. If your company has a summer convention - don't miss it!

Long distance driving and your morning jog goes much faster while listening to CD's.
Need a good read for those lazy days on the beach? Feed your mind with a good read. Dare to Dream is one of the best books out there on building your business!

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