Friday, December 7, 2007

The best kind of present...

I love your updates and this one was especially time worothy with our Holiday Sales!

Thanks Annette for allowing me to share...

"Hello Shawna and Avis,

I wanted to share a little story that happened yesterday and it kind of made my day to hear how someone was enjoying the UB products. So often I don’t get to see some of the people who were at the parties so I don’t hear how they are enjoying the products.

A couple of weeks ago I did a party and when I got to the presentation about the UB home collection I had a lady who swore by a specific candle only (she let the whole room know too). She said she used oil warmers in the past and nothing beat this specific brand of candle that she loves and will only buy. I continued on and a part during my presentation I share with them how it scents my own home so well.

I have a 2 story home, 3,000 square feet and one day I placed the warmer in my master bathroom and it not only filled the whole upstairs but it also made its way downstairs to where If I didn’t know any better I would of thought the unit was downstairs. It smelled my whole house with a wonderful fragrance and with just a couple drops (I don’t think she believed me).

Strangely enough that one particular lady decided to get one, she said her husband doesn’t like the candles mainly for the safety aspect with the open flames so she would give it a try and if she didn’t like it she would gift it away. She also made a lotion and shower gel at the party.

Well yesterday when I was picking up my daughter from school the women saw me in the parking lot and flagged me down. She wanted to tell me that she absolutely loves loves loves the home collection she bought. She said her husband loves it too and that it really did what I said it would do. Also she was skeptical about the products she made (for various reasons) and she has found she can’t live with out the lotion and her daughter is even using it too and the shower gel she thought she would use maybe once or twice she uses every time.

I let her know about my open door workshop I have on the 15th and she said she will be there, she needs to make a refill and she will bring her daughter so she can make her own product. She also asked how she can order some more oils for the home collection. I told her but I also mentioned that she could host a party and earn those oils so she is planning on a party for January and her daughter wants to have me come do her birthday party in too.

Just thought I would share. I am sure everyone has an experience similar to this it is just the first time it happened to me with the UB products. It made me feel good and gave me the little boost I needed to do some more talking to people to get some January bookings."

Awesome job Annette! So proud of everything you're doing!

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UB SoCal said...

Thank you Annette for sharing your story! Isn't it awesome when "nay-sayers" see the light!!! I love having you on my Team! Keep up the good work and please keep sharing your stories!