Friday, December 21, 2007

Countdown to Christmas and New Years - Quick tips to end the year on a positive note! December 21st

Yesterday's email dealt with the topic of things I didn't get a chance to do because my business kept me so busy this year.

Here is a suggestion with regards to your Christmas cards (assuming you send them).
Long ago, in the very early years of my business, I made the conscious decision to turn my Christmas cards in to a Happy New Years newsletter. It took the stress off - and was one less thing on my to-do list before December 25th.

The nice thing about a New Year's newsletter is that it can go out anytime around the first part of the New Year and once you establish that is the time your greeting will arrive, people will begin to look forward to it. ALSO, they will have more time to read it after Christmas - SO - don't forget to mention some of the FUN you are having with your home business when sharing the family events of the past year with those on your holiday card list. This is a GREAT, very non-threatening way to talk about your business. The people on our list look forward to hearing about whatever fun incentive trip we have taken and often ask about the upcoming one. (This serves as a BIG motivation for me to hit those trips from year to year!)

So…today's assignment - start to gather your thoughts about the past year in order to write your newsletter after the 1st of January!

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