Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hard to Believe...

That we're really only days away from Christmas. I know my son is getting excited and I'm getting excited that so many events and challenges are coming to a close for December. The church Christmas party I was in charge of was last night and truly went off without a hitch. The children enjoyed their visit with Santa and I enjoyed telling our Bishop that it is about that time to release me from this "calling" (meaning my job) due to my growing belly and stress level so hopefully he will be inspired to do so LOL.

The remodel house water issues are coming to a close and my husband is there today digging his way to the road to divert the water issue that keeps drowing the window and coming into the house. I wish this nightmare would sell but of course ripped up carpet and drying fans could be a turn off (hmmmm).

I'm so happy I've finished my shopping early and can focus on my family and hopefully some holiday baking before it's come and gone. Egg Nog and 7-up seem to keep me calm and of course Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Starbucks. Oh those sweet things in life LOL.

I hope this weekend is a good one and those of you with parties this weekend have a VERY successful time. I'm going to be taking off Sundays from blogging to spend some needed time with the family and preparing for Dawson's arrival so check back on Monday :)

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