Saturday, December 8, 2007


It is the first week of December. How has your year come together? Did you accomplish the goals that you set in January of this year?

Now is a great time to be thinking about what went well and what you will need to do differently next year. Storyboarding is a useful tool.

As Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.”

In the first week of December of 2008, how would you like your business to look compared to this week - December of 2007?

What will your team size look like in size and structure? How about your personal and team sales? Maybe you have a more `activity based' goal - such as consistently making five connecting phone calls a day.

Whatever your goal, that is the end of your storyboard - your “and they lived happily ever after” so-to-speak.

So work up and down in two columns, or left to right or page to page. Think of yourself as a cartoonist. Your job is to list the steps needed to get to your goal. What work habits do you need to establish, what potential hurdles do you need to overcome - you get the idea.

I have a personal goal that I will share as an example. In the three weeks between now and the end of the year, I would like to lose three pounds - one pound a week. So, my `end' goal is the specific weight I would like to be (which I will NOT share with you…sorry!) In order to achieve that goal, I have several steps that I will be putting into place.

  • Drink six glasses of water a day

  • Get to the gym for one hour three to four times a week (I have scheduled those times on my planner and I will NOT talk myself out of it!)

  • Keep my weight watcher points low on days when I don't have a holiday get together and use my extra points for the parties I attend.

  • Bring raw veggie trays to any gatherings I have been invited to.

  • If I choose to have an alcoholic drink, I will mix wine with a no calorie spritzer to make it last longer.

  • I will be sure to eat something filling and healthy (like a cup of soup), before I go to any gathering and fill my plate with the good snacks (fruits and veggies) - and only taste the higher calorie items.

  • I will make it a priority to go to my weekly meetings for encouragement each week this month.

This is my weight loss story board. What will your business storyboard look like? Apply these same principles to goal set for your business in 2008!.

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