Sunday, December 2, 2007

LWL Holiday Showcase Report

So today was an interesting day. I talked my Mom into helping me out at the showcase today which was nice to have the company. We had a horribly stormy day threatening snow so the turn out was really poor. I was hoping for a lot more people but to no avail.

I actually did make some great contact even though there weren't any "sales."

  • A Seattle's women's magazine is interested in possibly doing a story and working on advertising together for Valentines.
  • A Bed & Breakfast that wants lotions and shower gels made specifically for their location
  • 3 Potential Birthday Parties
  • A Drillteam Fundraiser (possibly 200 Party specials)

and a few more connections so that should be something for sure. It's interesting how one "defeat" can turn into a "win" if you just keep the right attitude and find the good in your connections.

Let me know how your parties went this weekend!

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