Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after...

Oh the day after Christmas is such a beautiful thing. It's when you really let your hair down, forget the shower and the hair and just veg out and work from home while having your children at home at the same time to really make things relaxing! And if you believe all that I have a flip house to sell you ;)

Ok so the good news is the holiday is over. The tree is undecorated and 3 bins of Cmas decorations are packed and I get to continfue that part all day tomorrow. I did manage to have my parents pick me up a tree while they were out for 75% off! Love those sales at Lowes!
Next year I'm actually crazy enough to host Christmas Eve for the hubby's family and do this with a 9 month old Woo Hoo!

Funny how our priorities shift and we grow into ourselves. I plan to make some very exciting goals for 2008 including Weight Loss, Business Growth, and of course becoming the Mom I truly want to be which includes some big home organization goals LOL.

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