Saturday, December 1, 2007

Great Party Today

So today ended up being a great party even though snow threatened our weather and I wasn't too sure about the turn out. Here's a quick recap about my customers and what they ordered:

Tina my hostess ordered 2 shower gels & a home warmer set
Sharon ordered 1 shower gel
Wendy ordered 1 shower gel
Kristine ordered 2 bubble bath
Terri ordered 1 Lotion, 1 Bubble Bath, a warmer and an extra oil
Sandra ordered a shower gel

Total party sales were $227.90

(If the collection order comes in that will be a total of $317.85)

One of my best parties with only 5 people! These warmers are a huge hit and obviously added another $100 to my party.

Tomorrow is the Holiday Showcase. Looking forward to telling you about it and how the sales go! Hope everyone's having a successful weekend and looking forward to some great updates!

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UB Queen Bee said...

Update! I did sell the collection :)