Monday, February 11, 2008

Are we having FUN YET?

Today we focus on John Kalench's number 2 question that all prospects have, “Can I have fun doing this?”

As in yesterday's email, I encourage you to look at your presentation. Are you enthusiastic? Are you having a good time? If you aren't, why aren't you and what can you do to have more fun? If you need some new ideas to “spice up” your parties, consider attending a presentation by another consultant in your area. If that's not possible, at the very least, get yourself invited to a couple of other parties that your friends might be throwing. Take what you like from the other consultants and leave the rest. You might find that if you aren't having fun anymore, you are just a little stale. Open your mind, use some new ideas and start having fun again. People will like what they see and want to do what you do!

Also, if you have been on a company incentive trip or a company convention, don't be shy about having a small notebook of pictures laid out for people to look at. This is another great way to show what fun you have doing what you do!

Finally, again we land on team building. As you grown into management, be sure that you let your downline know all the things you enjoy. Don't complain or talk about being so busy you can't see straight. If there are parts of your job as a manager that aren't fun anymore, then take a look at what those things are and what you can do to change them. Get the help of an upline. Someone with more years in the business than you is a great resource, as it is likely she's been through what you are going through already and knows what to do to tweak and fine-tune!

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