Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Money, money, money….MONEY!

Can I make any money at this? As women sometimes we steer clear of this topic. As if it is something we aren't supposed to do…make money for our time. Well, get over that. The fastest way to lose your spouse's support is to treat your business like a hobby. Remember that hobbies generally COST you money. But, I digress. Let's come back to the subject that is on a prospects mind.

Will I make any money in the party plan business? Do you know how to answer that question in a simple way? And by simple, I mean NOT percentages. Percentages generally mean NOTHING to someone who hasn't been in the business. What are the average sales at your parties? (Know you can get this information from your home office or your upline, trust me, they watch these stats like hawks). Based on the percentage that you make as a base commission, you should be able to easily tell someone what range of income they can make for an average night out doing a party. For instance, you need to be able to say to someone, “the average consultant makes $50-$125 for an evening out doing a home presentation. Our presentations take about 2 hours, so that's $25-$63 an hour, more than you'd make working at Kohl's, wouldn't you agree?”

Obviously, this will vary from company to company. Your job is to get the facts and STOP keeping them a secret. Figure out how to subtly wind them into your presentation. People ARE nosey…they DO what to know how much you earn doing what you do…don't be shy about letting them know!

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