Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting to know you….

Continuing on the topic of eliminating cancellations forever our topic today is “getting to know you.”

In the course of the 3-4 calls you make to your hostess prior to her party; be sure that you are taking a moment or two to be interested in her personally. This doesn't mean that you have to chat at length with her on each call; but do be sure that you have taken the time to find out things like her husband and/or children's names and some of her outside interests.

Most people reveal things about themselves personally in the normal course of conversation; especially if the listener is sincerely interested. Your job is to make some notes on your hostess file folder as these things come up so that you can ask about them on subsequent conversations. For example, “is Michael's cold better?” -or- “how did that basketball game of Amy's go after our last conversation?” You get the picture. Taking a personal interest in your hostess shows her that you care and you are more than just a `salesperson'. A hostess is much less likely to cancel on a friend than a sales person.

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