Friday, February 8, 2008

Is this business simple?

How difficult are you making your job look? Remember, the best place to recruit is at your parties. At your next one, take a moment to critique yourself. Observe yourself through the eyes of someone who might be thinking about joining your company. How “perfect” is your display? How about your presentation? Do you know every item number and every price? If you do, certainly it is great that you are doing your job well; but are you doing it too well? Don't make your job look hard to the outsider looking in. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to make a couple of “boo-boo's”, and then treat it like it is not a big deal by saying something like, “See, I told you my job wasn't brain surgery!” Also, this is where using notes is OK as well…it makes you look duplicatible. Get the idea?

For those of you building a team, the same principal applies. You need to make management look simple. Don't complain to your downline if you are having a bad day (this is where the saying “dump up” is crucial!) Talk about and be conscious of, all the things that your company does to make your job simple. Do they provide team meeting agendas? Do you get coaching calls from your upline or home office? Any of the little perks (besides extra money) that you get for being in management with your company are the things you need to brag on with your team. They will want to do what you do and you will begin building a strong organization!

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