Monday, February 18, 2008

RAVE REVIEWS for The Aladdin Factor!

When I go to church on Sunday morning and the pastor uses a personal story to illustrate a point he is trying to make on a passage of scripture, it always makes a bigger impact on me. There is something about storytelling that makes everything clearer, wouldn't you agree?

Apparently The Aladdin Factor is having the same effect on some of our loyal subscribers who have ordered this book from our website.

On our personalized training calls this week you gave it RAVE REVIEWS. You agree with us that this easy to read book is really hitting home with its simple tips and stories. Many of you are singing the praises of the great results you are getting because it is helping you to move beyond your FEARS and JUST ASK! This is exactly why we added this book to our product line.

To those of you who are already reading, enjoying and applying the principals in The Aladdin Factor, we are so glad it is working for you. Our hope is that many more of you will see the value of owning this phenomenal book!

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