Monday, March 10, 2008

ACTION plan for GROWTH in 2008

Where do I go from HERE?

Put your “pedal to the middle” and do whatever it takes to grow your team to the size of 75-100 as soon as possible. When your team grows to this size, this is where the real fun starts to happen. Your business will take on a life of its own. Getting to that size is like being in labor…it can be fast and furious or slow and painful. But, the difference is that unlike labor, when growing your business YOU get to decide how long the labor goes on.

Once your team is at this size -
1) You will not be the only one doing the majority of the selling and the recruiting. People on your team will be duplicating what you do. DUPLICATION LEADS TO MULTIPLICATION. This is where the FUN BEGINS because parties and recruits are showing up all over the place on your team…WHAT a great surprise!

2) When multiplication occurs, you will have a “pool” of potential leaders to work with. Leaders make for a strong organization with income that you can count on month after month.
So…what do you think? Will 2008 be YOUR year to EXPLODE your business or will you end the year in much the same shape as you were this year? The choice is yours!

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