Friday, March 7, 2008


If you want to experience NO movement in your business for the new year and are completely satisfied with where you are right now, then stop reading right now.

HOWEVER, if YOU want some specific action steps to move your business forward in 2008, then this next “mini-series” could be the most important tip you have read this year. Keeping in mind that while we realize that each company has its own career plan; there are, as with all our tips “generic rules” that we have found to be generally applicable to everyone.

Tip #1… Resist the urge to “play” supervisor/manager when your team is at 5-10. What we mean by this is that one common error consultants make once they have a small team is that they get SO busy coaching their team, setting expectations for them and worrying about what they are or are not doing with their businesses that their own business gets lost in the shuffle.

Building a team can be exciting and fun. When you recruit someone, of course you have a certain responsibility to make sure they know what they are doing and are trained to know where to find the information they need about growing their business. However, many new team builders fall into an “easy trap” of spending too much time in this area. While most of us agree that it certainly can be easier to talk to a team member than it is to pick up the phone to call a hostess, customer or recruit potential; it is important that you still spend 80% of your time on your personal business. Be sure that 80% of your time is spent equally between recruiting and selling.

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