Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are you thinking, or are you doing?

Have you ever been surprised, annoyed, or angry to find out that a friend or family member joined another direct sales company? OR even worse, that they'd joined YOUR company but with another consultant?

If you've never had this experience, trust me, it is one of those true `kick in the guts' moments. It has happened to most of us at one time or another who are in direct sales. You've thought about this person, even imagined in your mind how the conversation might go as you approached them about joining your company. But, once again, you don't pick up the phone because “I don't want to be PUSHY”.

Today's challenge is to put together your `chicken list'. This is a list of people that you are chicken to ask to join your team. Be sure you put their phone number next to their name - that is the first step in `lightening' that 500 pound receiver.

Now, before you pick up the phone, think about why they would make a good consultant. Perhaps they are lots of fun, or a hard worker, or have lots of friends and a large circle of influence. Maybe they just need to earn an income but do it flexibly.

Why would you company be a good fit for them? Do they love the product? What things about your company do YOU most appreciate that might appeal to them?

Here's a script thought-starter: “Hi Cindy, this is your cousin Sue - do you have just a couple of minutes? You have been on my mind and I've been too chicken to call you because I didn't want to appear pushy - but I am having such a good time with my home business - I wanted to talk to you about it. I would feel terrible if I didn't share this information with you because you are such a people person, but I also want you to know that the most important thing to me is our relationship as cousins. I don't want you to avoid me at upcoming family gatherings. I'd like permission to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk with you about this just once, so that you know what I'm doing and then I'll leave it up to you if you would like to pursue things further - how does that sound”

Make the script your own and get going on that chicken list!

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