Monday, March 17, 2008

I can sell, but don't talk to me about that “R” word…

Does this sound like you? I'm a strong seller; selling is not a big deal; our products are so awesome that once you get them in front of people they really do sell themselves because they are so wonderful. Yes, I mention the business opportunity at the beginning and the end of my presentation. Yes, I even give everyone at my parties some information on the business. I'm sure if they are interested, they will ask me about the business; after all, I don't want to be PUSHY!

The above are ACTUAL comments from a consultant who was such a strong seller that she consistently was recognized by her company year after year for being in the top 1% of her company! After years of this, she finally realized that with the number of people she was selling product to, she was really missing a BIG opportunity for building residual income by recruiting and team building. She made the choice to change by incorporating a few more pro-active approaches to her business; consider giving these a try:

Make a HELP WANTED sign to display at each party

Put a recruiting label with “your story” on each catalog

Focus on demonstrating products from the new consultant kit and state that these items are included in the kit

Coach ALL hostesses with the attitude that they will join

Talk to EVERY guest individually about joining

Make “Morning After Calls”, to each guest, thanking them again for their purchase and inviting them to join

Make recruiting the primary focus at each event

Make the parties fun and simple so potential recruits could see that it is truly duplicatable work.
By making these simple changes, she more than doubled her annual recruiting. But the biggest difference she said was in her attitude. She says; “You have to believe that the opportunity you are offering IS your best product. Make it your primary focus at each presentation that you do…the sales will come naturally; but statistics don't lie; you really do need to ask. But when you do, 1 in 10 will join! Yes, there are still some individuals who will come up and ask you, but the majority are waiting for you to invite them to join you.

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