Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm SO excited!

There are three basics that we need to do to be successful in this business:

Use/Love our products (be your own best customer)

Share our products with others (Sell)

Find others who would also like to share our products (Recruit!)

The fact is that no matter what company you are affiliated with, you love and believe in your product enough that you want to share it with others. Today's tip is this: roll up your sleeves and use your product. Get excited about it again! Take a little time to re-familiarize yourself with your products again and use them as they were intended.

Whether you need to play with your kids, put together a photo album, try a new recipe for your family or a neighbor, enjoy the ambiance of a new scented candle, or redecorate an area of your home. You get the picture; re-energize yourself and re-connect with all the reasons you joined the business.

Why, you might even want to schedule a “Grand Re-Opening” of your business next week to celebrate!

1 comment:

Michael Walsh said...

The title of your blog caught my attention. I agree everyone needs to re-energize periodically, and pulling out their product and re-familiarize themselves is a good way to accomplish this.