Saturday, March 8, 2008

More ACTION plan for GROWTH

Yesterday, we discussed the dangers of “playing manager”. Today, as promised, we will discuss specific strategies for balance in your business life and GROWTH.
Work to establish good habits NOW that will serve you as your business grows.

Set office hours.

Schedule phone appointments with team members using the following guidelines:

Keep appointments short (15-20 minutes in length)

Keep them regular (once a week or once a month depending on the “pace” of the team member).

Your time should be spent most frequently with new team members and business builders.

Keep appointments short (15-20 minutes in length). Stay “on task”. Ask team members to make a list and save questions for phone appointment time if possible.

Establish just one day a week (Sunday evenings or Monday mornings are a good choice), that are Team Touch Times. This helps team members get off to a good start for the week. The rest of your week should be spent building your personal business.

Consider a separate line or a separate ring (on an already existing line) for business. Caller ID can be very helpful as well. RESIST picking up the phone when you KNOW it is your time to be making customer calls.

Ask team members to leave a complete message. Often you can call back later with an answer to their question and just leave a message or send an email to them. This can be a huge time saver.
DROP INS and DROP OFFS. Please read this with an open mind. Certainly we love to get to know our team members better. However, someone dropping by to pick up inventory or business supplies can sometimes turn into a HUGE timewaster if too much chit chat happens. So, consider having a box or basket on your front porch for these exchanges. It will control the socializing AND eliminate the need for “coordination” of mutual schedules.

By taking control of your business NOW, while it is in its “fledgling” time, you will be properly positioned to stay balanced as you GROW!

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