Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm just going to make some fliers….

… “and leave them on my neighbor's doors…”

This is the way so many new recruits decide to start their party plan businesses. And,
while this is certainly a very acceptable, non-threatening way to advertise, the reality is that neighbors probably will not come storming to the door, jumping up and down with unbridled excitement anxious to see whatever it is that this new consultant is selling.

The truth of the matter is, that the “flier method”, will net very little (if any) return on the investment of time spent designing and distributing, and money on printing. Marketing studies show a less than 1% .

Think about the last time you received a flier offering to clean your home, sell you firewood, landscape, paint or wash your windows. What did you do with the flier?

a) Threw it away

b) Scribbled a phone message on it then threw it away

c) Read it then threw it away

d) All of the above.

So…the next time you sign a team member and she decides to let her neighbors know about her new business in this manner; don't discourage her. In fact, applaud the fact that she is thinking about how to market her business. However, just educate her on the facts so that she won't be disappointed. Then, help her compile a List of 100 and give her words to use when contacting the people on that list. In this business, relationships count and the personal touch will go much farther than an impersonal flier.

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