Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome Michelle Fields from CA!

My name is Michelle Fields… but my nickname is Kitty. My husband, Greg and I live in Salida, Ca located in beautiful Northern California near Modesto. We have 2 fur baby yorkies: Marley and Jezebel, no children yet, although we treat them like children! Absolute doggy lover all-the-way! I’m allergic to cats, ironically! My birthday is October 30th. I am a total night owl, and love communicating via the internet. I am a full-time Esthetician, and love making people look and feel, and now smell great! Skin is my passion.

I loved how unique the product is. It seems so innovative~ I wish I could have thought of it. I have worked in the fragrance industry before for Armani and Ralph Lauren, always wanted to have a foot in it somehow, and what a great way to do it. I have an extensive fragrance collection. I pick out fragrances to match my mood, outfits etc. It’s like picking out shoes to match. More than anything I was really impressed with the quality of the product. Wow!

I love to chat & socialize; this is one of my hobbies. I am fairly new to the area I live in, and I don’t have a big family. I am looking at ways to “branch out” and meet new people. I could always use more clients! So far everyone is excited about UB. How can I get started successfully & rapidly? What has not worked? How can I make the most money?? All those questions from the team will be helpful!

I was a floral, which totally describes me. Especially the part: “always trying to improve yourself.” I laughed out loud! Tied for floral and Spicy. I was kind of surprised about the spicy, but I like spicy with floral together, so that makes sense! I have a few scents like that already. Hmmm?!

I love freesia and honeysuckle. I want it in everything!!

Where do you see yourself with Urban Botanic in the next year? Are you a business builder, In it as a hobby, or somewhere in between?

I see myself at the top somewhere. Hopefully my esthetician business grows simultaneously too, so I consider it somewhere in between, but I definitely want to have fun, and grow, grow, grow!

What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB?
I think I am great at sharing enthusiasm, and being passionate with what I do. I am not flaky, and I don’t like letting people down, so I am always professional about things.

Thanks for the welcome. :O)

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