Saturday, March 15, 2008

First quarter of the year - ALMOST OVER…YIKES!

The beautiful spring weather gives cause to take a closer look at the calendar where we see - WOW - the first quarter of the year is nearly over.

It is time to access the goals that you set in January.

How are you doing? Take a look at your sales, recruiting and rank promotions - both personally and for your team. Are you ahead or behind? Were the goals that you set in January realistic or do they need adjusting?

Mid-March is the perfect time to re-access, reanalyze and look ahead. You still have three quarters of the year ahead of you. If you haven't already done so, put together a treasure map (or tweak the one you have already done). This might even be a great idea for a team activity at your next meeting. A treasure map is a HUGE help in goal setting because it helps you to focus not only on the goal - but the WHY behind the goal.

When the WHY is there, the HOW is easy - Jim Rohn
P.S. If you don't remember what a treasure map activity is, stay tuned. Next week we'll do an “instant replay” of the email we posted a few months back on the `how-to's' of treasure mapping.

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