Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beating the January Blahs Part 2

So I wanted to post the rest of the series from The Success Factory. I think they are the bomb and I'm going to send in some suggestions from our team and a new company start as well and see if we can get published! I'm thinking the 5 pennies a day concept is maybe something fun to send in. We'll see how that goes...

Anyway here is some more meat from them. I'll post about my parties this weekend as well so we may have some double posts!

Subject: Life in the real world - January blahs Part 2

Yesterday we focused on a couple of things that you can do to get yourself up and rolling this month. Today we will look at what you might do with your team.

If you tried one of our ideas from yesterday; we applaud you! If you haven't, then please do so as this is the first suggestion as to what you can do with your team. Call them and share your excitement about the new idea you are trying. Your enthusiasm will spur them into action. (If they know that you were having trouble getting going too, they won't be feeling so guilty for not working themselves.)

Don't be afraid to invite THEM to your presentation and let them know they can bring a guest as well! They LOVE to see you do what you do and it will make them feel good when they realized that your presentation is not as “picture perfect” as they imagined.

Come to a non-meeting! How about scheduling a play date with your team members? It can be a potluck lunch, morning coffee…whatever. This is just a gathering of your team members where it's OK to bring kids. Don't have enough room in your house? Try the local McDonald's play land. Trust us, your team members are DYING to get out and give their kids something to do. This can be a time just to visit and get to know one another on a more casual and personal basis. These occasional types of activities will help your team bond and become a more cohesive unit. Buddy relationships form and team members will be more likely to come to a normal team meeting when they know they have a friend there! If possible, bring a new product or something that is currently on special to show them. Products “in the face”, always causes excitement. Be sure to keep the atmosphere upbeat and fun…no whining!

Try a team “phone-a-thon”. No one likes the idea of sitting home alone phoning. Try getting several of your team members together at your house armed with order forms from the fall and their cell phones. Together you sit and do your phoning for a pre-designated period of time. You can even have a fun point system. 1 point if you reach someone, 5 points if you date a party and 10 points if you schedule a recruiting appointment. Give a small prize to the person who has the most points at the end of an hour. If your team is long distance, you can do the same thing. Designate team captains who will report back to you at the end of an hour with their team's point totals. You can give each winning team member a small prize.

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