Friday, January 26, 2007

Using Urban Botanic as a fundraiser opportunity

I am so excited about this post today as the information is coming from our great team member in Ohio, Lauri Hetzer! She called me the other day to tell me that Karen (her sponsor) and I better be qualified for Orchid this July as she was blowing the roof off of product orders that month due to this incredible fundraising activity she was doing for a local high school cheer leading squad. I asked her to send in the details so I could post for the team. Below in her words are those details...

"Ok, here it is! I contacted a high school cheerleading team that I knew had trouble with fundraising this year. Also,this school and community is huge in my family, so I have a few contacts there.

I sent the head cheerleading coach an email saying congratulations (the squad cheered at the gator bowl this year) and talked a bit about their fundraising. I offered to do a fundraiser for her next year (this summer) and outlined my offer.

What it basically breaks down to is that I will do 4-10 person parties in one day, and split the commission with her 30%/10%. The charge is $50 per person, by appointment, and they will leave with their own signature perfume, shower gel and lotion package. So, for each one of these fundraising days they will get $600, no up front cost to them. I'll even supply the flyers.

All they need to do is get the word out and unlock the cafeteria on Saturday. Well, she's thinking she would like to do 4 of them in the summer/early fall, July-August sort of thing, with 160 people and $2400 profit to her squad. Which means, if we fill all 4 Saturdays, that's 16 parties in 4 weeks and $8000 in retail sales! Yes, I take a big cut out of my commission, but really, $200 for a day's work is fine with me, and just think of all the regular bookings and recruits I can get!

And you two make sure you get that Orchid bonus in July, because that's $800 or so for each of you! I think this is a great set up for small time fundraising, like small clubs and atheletic groups. It'll cost quite a bit to start up, because I'll need 40 sprays, lotions and shower gels as well as a wholebunch of oils, but I've got time to prepare. And cheerleaders are, well, cheerleaders, and no one in the world gets the word out like they do. :) Yay!!!Lauri"

Ok so did she just give you the nuts and bolts of the perfect fundraiser? Depending on the item or venue you can change the commission structure or product around but I think that is eriously the coolest!!!!

I hope that inspires all of you to really work with PTA or churches, or any group that is looking for help and with a fundraiser like this and they really get the most hip and fun fundraiser around and people actually get something out of it that's healthy (unlike candy and cookies) and love their products as well as helping out!

Thanks Lauri for sharing this and I plan to do my own fundraising as well with such a great way to move volume and help others!

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