Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Tips from The Success Factory

Subject: Hard Work Isn't FUN - an excerpt from Success is a Choice - our book of the month

“We all have a point at which we want to quit. We all have a breaking point. We all have a time when we question what we are doing, especially if it's difficult. Usually the number one sign is when we say, `This is no longer fun. It's just not worth it.'…

You must understand this and realize that at some point it's going to happen to you. You must understand the power of these psychological traps and do everything you can to combat them…”

After the frenzied pace of the holidays - January can present a new and different set of challenges in your party plan business. Natural enemies include inclement weather conditions and the common cold and flu to name a few. For some consultants this can mean an increase in the number of cancelled/rescheduled parties and recruiting appointments.

No matter what kind of business you have, if you are not committed to a “failure is not an option” mindset, you are setting yourself up for failure, says Neil Anderson, president of The Courage Group, a consulting firm for entrepreneurs.

In his book, Success is a Choice, Rick Pitino explains and dissects the importance of mental attitude in growing a business. This book is one that will never collect dust in your home office library.

(From Shawna - I've read his first book and it's excellent. There are definitely days that things don't feel "fun" anymore but if we just work through it)

Subject: How am I doing?

Why is it that some people are so successful in their businesses and others are not? Well, there are lots of contributing factors; but today, we will look at one of the most important ones. The most successful business people never stop observing themselves and learning.

Once you decide that you've learned everything there is to know about your business, in our opinion it is the kiss of death. Never stop attending meetings and seminars, listening to tapes and reading and never stop learning from others who are successful in your company but also from your CUSTOMERS!

One of the smartest questions you can ask your customers is, “How am I doing?”

Our tip for today is a challenge to you. At your next presentation, during your introduction, let the guests know that you are always striving to do a better job. Ask that they watch what you do in order to give you some honest feedback about your presentation, your company, and your product. Then, be willing to listen to what they have to say and analyze the comments in order to make you more effective at your next presentation.You might be surprised at the results!

(From Shawna - Sometimes it can be a little nerve racking to ask for feedback but for your growth it's totally worth it!)

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