Sunday, January 21, 2007

Incredibly Crazy & Fun Party Last Night

I'm so tired but I had to blog about last night's party. I'm almost scared about tomorrow's party since we may have 12 people there! Last night our 10 showed up. We had the hostess as part of that and then 9 other guests. It was truly crazy because I planned to take my Mom with me for back up support but she had a conflict so I was on my own. I was actually quite impressed with myself because doing the simplified party allowed me to handle everyone (with some patience on their part) AND have the best sales ever while keeping the actual "party time" to 2 hours! I'm seriously in total awe but I know it's the system and process and sticking to it is really helping so I wanted to share this out with the team.

First of all - I've come to the point where I really don't even use the flip book. I know it's like saying you don't read the bible at church but I'm basically summarizing the flip book in my verbiage. I still think those starting out for the first time should definitley use it for security purposes and to really get the wording down about the company, etc. Basically I'm blogging about my party in a nutshell to help those of you with parties this weekend...

Before I go there, I want you to know that ordering product is key to managing your business. If I didn't have another consultant here in the area who's kit I just pilfered all her product from, I would be totally screwed at this juncture. I sold 7 party specials and 2 bubble baths (which I never seem to sell LOL) last night and for my party of 12, I only had enough lotion, 3 perfumes, 3 shower gels and 0 bubble baths for tomorrow. I also ran out of Eygyptian Musk completely and pretty much frangipani and sandalwood. Sooooooooooo - lesson learned here! I needed to buy enough product to ASSUME that EVERYONE WILL BUY THE SPECIAL! I would've been so embarrassed tomorrow and people would NOT have been happy with me!

So after pilfering enough product for 12 party specials tomorrow I am now prepared! And the great news is that my replacement order will have me on the way for not only my first 30 day goal with Team Elite but also my 2nd 30 day goal! So that's pretty exciting!

Ok back to business....

I start the party introducing UB, telling McKenna's story and also her Mom's allergy challenges and how exciting this product is, etc. I then introduce each product, tell it's price and a little about it. This gets people thinking "oh I can afford this!" Then I tell them this evening is about them. It's a workshop not a party. The catalog they are used to seeing doesn't exist. They are here to shop for a scent they love and they need to find 3-5 scents they like a lot. Once they have accomplished it THEY ARE DONE! You will have some that think they need to smell everything. I tell them "they can, BUT they will be sorry." After 66 oils it's hard to smell anything for awhile. So it's important to make sure to control that a bit and keep an eye out when they are getting close.

Secondly, I tell them we're taking a break smelling once everyone is close to their 3-5 scents. Then we play the booking game. This is the one with the envelopes that say either win a prize or book a party win a prize.

Now we're going to start mixing. I tell them that we will start with 2 scents on their list and make sure we are going in the right direction. Some people start over, some love it immediately and want to quit, some want a 3rd or 4th scent to really feel like it's "special." Once we get through that and they are happy. I ask if they planned to do the party special (which I introduced actually when talking about the products). If they say YES! I always, always start with the perfume. It takes the most drops and time and keeps them busy while I'm helping others get settled.

From their we do the other 2 products and we're golden. They name it and then write the recipe and we tape the back with some packing tape so it doesn't smear (VERY IMPORTANT). I wanted to share out the recipes that were purchased last night and what they purchased so that you can see that SIMPLE = SALE on all of these. None of these are brain surgery!

Heather - Bubble Bath for hubby for Vday - Green Apple 1, Maple Spice 1

Joey - Party Special - Naked 1, Vanilla 2 (FRUITY)

Lindsey - Party Special - Honeydew Melon 1, Coconut 1, Lime 1, Vanilla 1 (FRUITY)

Kim - Party Special - Frangipani 1, China Musk 1, Sandalwood 1 (WOODSY)

Michelle - Party Special - Heliotrope 5, Water Lily 1, Cucumber 1 (she was my toughest customer and was herby on the test but didn't like herbies and ended up with leafy choices)

Leslie - Party Special - Freesia 1, Egyptian Musk 1

Tiffany - Party Special - Egyptian Musk 1, Gardenia 1

Virginia - Shower Gel - 1 Raspberry, 2 Vanilla

Sarah - Party Special - 1 Naked, 2 Green Apple

I can't even remember what the hostess did now because she was kind of on her own LOL and her product ended up all being free due to her sales.

I'm sure you can see from above that everyone bought, everyone was happy, and none of these recipes were super complex whatsoever. MEANING! That any new consultant can have a very successful party and sometimes keeping it simple means that guests will be much more inclined to like their scent and PURCHASE!!!!

I hope this helps and that everyone is excited to get out there and get their first parties done. You will all be great and it's almost impossible to mess up. Of course I always find a way like last night running out of product (I owe 2 people a product with their scents) and of course I forgot my packing tape so that was a bit LAME! But no one was bothered by it and we made it through :)

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